#BrettsRecs: Introducing My Version of Content Curation on Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may or may not know my stance on Twitter automation. So many people think “influencer” is a badge unlocked when you hit a certain number of generic auto-shares. It’s why I never bought into the “ automate to grow your brand quicker” school of thought.

What I am striving for on social media is authentic and organic influence. I’d rather have 1 person mention me and tell me how what I shared specifically helped them solve a problem over a generic link that gets RT/likes but no authentic engagement.

My problem was this: I wanted to curate content people would find useful, but I wanted to do it authentically. What I came up with is #BrettsRecs.

What is #BrettsRecs?

#BrettsRecs is my way of curating a content library on Twitter that has some authenticity, value, and sticking power. I want people to be able to search through this hashtag and see nothing but high-quality articles with applicable advice to improve some aspect of their lives.

How #BrettsRecs Will Work

First thing’s first: No Tweet with #BrettsRecs will be scheduled. Most of my time online is spent reading articles. And most of my time spent offline is reading books. Any recommendations I make through #BrettsRecs will be real-time.

My idea behind this is that my audience ( aka you guys) can get to know me a little better through what I’m reading at that moment, rather than seeing the same old generic auto-shares on your timeline.

Secondly, each share will include something of value from me. What I specifically liked about it. A niche of Tweeps whom I think could benefit most from the info. Things along those lines.

I don’t seek Twitter fame or “influencer” status with this hashtag. All I aim to do is to put the humanity back in content curation one Tweet at a time.