Day 4: Defining Greatness

When I found out yesterday morning that Muhammad Ali had passed away, I found myself reflecting on what it means to be great.

I heard a clip from an interview with George Forman, in which he said “ Forget calling Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer who ever lived. That’s an insult. He was one of the greatest human beings who has ever lived.”

That’s a quote coming from one of Ali’s rivals during the heyday of his boxing career. If even a man’s rivals hold him in such reverence, then he has achieved true greatness.

How the Mythos of Muhammad Ali Has Shaped My Life

I’m going to be 26 in August. I didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing Ali’s greatness in real-time. All I have is the Mythos of Muhammad Ali. The legend of his bravado, best depicted in the “ I’m gonna show you how great I am” press conference that has made its way into countless YouTube videos.


That first time I heard Ali utter those famous words was within the context of this video. Something awakened within me when I heard him say “ I’m gonna show YOU how great I am.” The passion that Emanated from his voice was contagious.

It was the first time I seriously contemplated chasing greatness in my life.

We All Have A Version of Greatness Within Us

Greatness isn’t just for athletes, performers, and musicians. There are infinite variations of greatness. Greatness is defined by the individual. So, my question is this: What’s your version of greatness?

My version of greatness is becoming a nationally renowned Author, Motivational Speaker, and Career Coach. I envision myself helping thousands of people break through the inertia of their lives using the same strategies I used.

I know I’m still pretty far away from those lofty goals, but I also know how far I’ve come on the journey towards greatness since I first heard Muhammad Ali utter those words that inspired a generation to pursue greatness.

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