Legacy to Leadership

Recently on a bike ride near my home in Portland, Maine, I spotted a headstone in a cemetery with a remarkable last name on it. Mine! It is a last name that you do not see very often and it is a rather distinctive one. As it caught my attention it stirred up a thought… Am I on the path to positively impact as many lives as possible? Seeing this headstone also served as an excellent reminder that now is the time to set my goals higher.

The Dash

Life is called the “dash” for good reason, it is short and time really does fly. Truth is, many of us are living without purpose and intention. Time is too precious and we can not afford to waste a moment, yet we do with distractions like Candy Crush, solitaire, watching tv and social media. Also in endless corporate meetings, employee evaluations, TPS reports… I realize that we can’t just drop everything and do exactly what we like. But do we have to squander so much precious time on these kinds of things? I am confident that we will regret it when we reach the end.

Squeeze More Out of Everything

Last fall I lost a close friend. This person was the role model for how to squeeze every drop out of life. He did everything he could to support and inspire others. This is a truly an amazing and lasting legacy. Though my friend was taken too soon, I was able to visit, provide comfort and we reflected on life. Looking back on those sad days, I am again reminded of the requirement to make the most of my unique capabilities. Helping others channel their excellence has become my mission.

“Start with the End in Mind” — Dr. Stephen Covey

“What is your legacy? How are you an inspiration and giving back? How would you like to be remembered? Think about the goals you would like to work on and then take action. Let’s all be more intentional with our time.

“If you can’t take a huge step to begin with, take as big a step as you can, but take it now” — Zig Ziglar

Please feel free to share with me your goals, success and challenges on your “Dash”. I’ll be working on additional ideas to support your efforts.

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