3 Legged Foal


Who built the pen I die in?

Stark and sterile.

No tender grass for my tender mouth;

No sweet bales to lie on.

Run I would, if walk could I.

I am a three legged foal.

in the amniotic ocean,

A lovely cinder Venus was I

then Father cracked his whip,

And split the mare

And in so doing was I.

Her face was a Fury in its anguish.

I proffered my leg in obeisance;

Mare gnashed it with her teeth.

Mother, maim I?


Hobbled and lamed

from aery to root

An unclean spirit am I.

Father prays:

“I adjure you, ancient serpent.

Depart, seductress, with your lies and cunning.”

Insatiable monster, am I?

For I will not eat grass, I will eat men.

Heavier of foot and tamer than I.

Open the paddock, unlock the gate.

Run from the whips that their brute hands will hold.

Buck. Kick.

Break necks; break spirits.

like promises. like love.

I am cobbled together

like so many sins,

Like so many since.

Remembered the Way have I.

Whinny. Neigh.

Gallop. Stomp.

I fear not the Shadow.

I am the three legged foal.

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