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Missed our Covid-19 Time Delivery Webinar? Don’t worry, you will find all the essential information in this article.

Anthony Despres, Expansion Director Europe of Brandquad, and Martin Desmettre, Co-Founder of Weeship answer the main questions that every company is asking in these times. How to optimize last mile delivery? What future for delivery? How to balance quantity and quality?

State of play

Delivery has changed a lot since the pandemic. Not only in terms of transport and delivery people, but also in terms of the type of goods being transported. Customers’ needs have changed. We are sort of going back…

Fireside Chat Series — PART I

Last week Pieter Lammens, the Founder & Director of Paris-based Lafayette Plug and Play accelerator, gave his opinion on the development of retail industry and the effects of the “imposed digitization” with an unprecedented uptick of E-commerce. Pieter also shared with me his insights about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on tech start-ups, and what are the key actions to take in order to adapt value proposition to the current situation. …

Did you miss our May 4th Webinar on Customer Relationship Management at the time of Covid-19? Don’t worry, you will find the essential information in this article.

Many startups and retailers are now wondering what direction to take in the face of the pandemic. How to define and react to these new consumer trends due to Covid-19? How are retailers and startups joining forces to face them?

Today it is thanks to the expertise of Anthony Despres, General Manager Europe of Brandquad and Charles Doxuan, CMO of Alcméon, that we know more about the customer trends that will emerge in…


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