A BRAVO Success Story — Embassy Social

We are proud to bring you a BRAVO success story from another entrepreneur that leverages our technology to accept private payments from customers. As we continue to publish stories of entrepreneurs, individuals, musicians, service professionals or anyone else, we hope that you can better understand the ease of use of our product for anyone within the U.S.

Embassy Social is making social media worthwhile by rewarding users when they create content promoting their favorite brands. The platform helps any user become a social media influencer and grow their own personal online presence in exchange for rewards, and helps any brand generate more engagements and more content for a fraction of the cost.

The result:

social media that means something, for brands and fans alike. At Embassy Social, they are creating a social media world where everyone wins. As an ambassador the process of signing up and earning is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Create an ambassador account and connect your Twitter and Instagram profile.
  2. Join your favorite brand’s campaigns on the Embassy platform and create content using their hashtags.
  3. Get paid for engagement (likes, comments or shares) on your social profile posts.

Similar to Bravo, Embassy Social exists to allow individuals to monetize their talents. Whether that’s on social media, music, or elsewhere, we share a core belief that skill should be rewarded. Bravo and Embassy Social both bring that purpose to reality.

Embassy Social is one of many businesses utilising the BRAVO app to pay or get paid, respecting the privacy of all parties. To find out more, see the below details and get in touch if you’re looking to monetize your audience and visit our website to see how you can use BRAVO, today.

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Join their social pages to find out more or become an ambassador:

Twitter — @EmbassySocial

Facebook — @embassysocial

Instagram — @embassy_social