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Dr. Hector Rodriguez and Maria Luna, a TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Alumni established BRAVO in 2014 and launched their MVP in 2015. The idea of BRAVO was conceived when both Co-Founders were on a hiking trip in Southern Utah and realized that too often people do not carry cash impacting those that depend on cash payments for their livelihood. BRAVO was created with the aim of providing users with control of their privacy and data while at the same time supporting instant payments using mobile phones.

As the world is shifting towards cashless payment solutions, many individuals and micro-merchants have missed opportunities to either pay or get paid. The use of archaic software in many circumstances does not address the ever-increasing issues of security, privacy, latency and scalability. The introduction of the BRAVO Pay mobile payment app on the BRAVO Hybrid Consensus Protocol addresses these issues.

The company developed an iOS and Android app to test the concept where the users download it register using their email addresses or social media accounts. In the test market, the firm has processed transactions worth millions of dollars in fiat currency and there are also tens of thousands of active regular users. The years of market research has led the team to kickstart the protocol development in early 2017 to further enhance the current features and provide a scalable solution for to allow developers to use the API to build dApps that require on-demand anonymity in payments.

BRAVO is determined to improve the current payments industry with its blockchain and crypto-enabled solution. The success of the current BRAVO Pay App is a demonstration that the company has developed a tried-and-tested solution based on market feedback. The plans of global expansion will be powered by the native currency, the BVO token, to allow for instant and anonymous global transfer of value (transactions) that invites everyone the take control of their finances.

BRAVO Pay App and the Hybrid Consensus Protocol

BRAVO is the first hybrid blockchain company to introduce a blockchain-based product that allows users to send money using their mobile phones without exchanging personal information. Transactions on the system will be done using incognito transfers of the Zerocoin Protocol through their annonymizing pool. The company will be a major contributor to those that rely on tips and payments of customers that demand privacy with strangers when making micro and macro-payments.

Under the current Cryptocurrency and blockchain system, users struggle with long passwords and have to produce public/private key during a transaction. Furthermore, the recovery of such passwords is a tedious task that has seen many people lose their investments. BRAVO Pay App introduces a seamless registration process. Users are only supposed to create a 4-digit password that has a secure recovery process.

Although currently, Cryptocurrency and blockchain system supports anonymity, it is still possible to track the movement of funds in many circumstances, but the BRAVO Protocol’s anonymizing technology makes it impossible to see where funds come from or are sent to.

BRAVO is building their own Hybrid Consensus Protocol (BHCP) that the app will run on. The technology will consist of the private and public blockchain. The private or incognito blockchain will utilize the anonymising Zerocoin Proof-of-Stake algorithm and the public blockchain utilizes the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus algorithm.

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BRAVO will also deploy an API for developers to build dApps that require on-demand anonymity in payments. This will form part of the fund for developers with a portion of all accumulated fees that will be contributed towards developers who wish to contribute code to the API, build dApps on the BRAVO Protocol or participate in the vulnerability bounties..

Our ICO is open to Non-U.S. persons only and other restrictions apply — see disclaimer: http://bvo.trybravo.com

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The payment application built for a new generation that demands simplicity, privacy, speed & low fees in transactions. Visit trybravo.com to find out more!

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