A new beginning for BRAVO Pay

Dec 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Each year represents a new set of goals, new ideas, friends and even colleagues. Well, at BRAVO Pay this is the symbolic approach we take towards a fresh start every year. As for the beginning of 2019, it once again will be marked as a fresh start with our new office space located at the Skysong Building 1475 N Scottsdale Rd 3rd Floor Scottsdale, AZ. We chose the location for how central it is to our team and the amazing facilities such as multiple meeting rooms, media room and the ability to stay connected to fellow entrepreneurs from the ASU Venture Devils Program.

Venture Devils support all ASU student, faculty, staff, and community-based entrepreneurs. The program aims to catalyze the entrepreneurial success of founders by connecting them with Venture Mentors who provide regular, ongoing support. BRAVO was chosen in 2016 to be a part of this elite group of entrepreneurs.

Four years ago after our hike in Utah, we took to the drawing board to prove the concept and bring compliant privacy in payments. Four years, a Shark Tank deal, a TechCrunch award and many other achievements later we have a space that truly reflects our attitude towards what we do. The new BRAVO Pay headquarters will represent a new beginning as we continue to march towards financial inclusivity and reaching our milestones in 2019.

An office relocation is a perfect opportunity for BRAVO Pay to breathe a fresh breath of new life into the brand while we welcome new employees over the next few months. First impressions are lasting, so it’s important that the new workplace conveys what makes our business unique.

As many of you know, we thoroughly enjoy surrounding ourselves with like-minded entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Our new space will most definitely play host to meetups and gatherings involving the Arizona fin-tech and Blockchain community to encourage innovation and education for upcoming or current projects. At BRAVO Pay we believe that community and collaboration are fundamental keys to drive collective success within the industry.

This is an exciting new venture we are undergoing and we truly mean it when we say there are big things to come. Thank you all for being a part of this journey that we have embarked on and all the support that you provided along the way.

Please visit our social media pages to view the videos and photos from the recent move to the new offices. If you enjoyed it, then please feel free to like, comment and share.

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