Bravo Blockchain Consortium (BBC)

Sep 26, 2018 · 3 min read

The advance of blockchain technology has provided the financial sector with transparency. However, first generation blockchain payment protocols, such as that of bitcoin, requires a better user experience, clarity and simplicity with regards to onboarding, the circumvention of a third-party custodian and a more human-centric design.

The Bravo Hybrid Consensus Protocol (BHCP) commits itself to resolve the slow blockchain adoption paradigm with a user-friendly interface on a robust blockchain infrastructure. BHCP continues to uphold these standards through the iterative nature of their business model.

The Bravo Blockchain Consortium (BBC) ensures that the sluggish blockchain adoption paradigms are performing as efficiently as possible, while ensuring a human-centric interface.

If you are wondering about the nitty gritty of BBC, how you can become a consortium member and earn money — scroll on down.

What is Bravo Blockchain Consortium (BBC)

Typically, sending funds to a third party via blockchain can be overwhelming. This is why BBC was created. Our objective is to make tipping and paying goods and services as secure as possible. With our app we are able to lower costs, provide faster transfer times, and offer strong and secure anonymity with our reliable incognito transactions. So, how does BBC work? How does it make the process seamless and secure?

How BBC works

Even with the complexity involved in blockchain technology, our criterion of functionality is quite simple. In order for our clients to benefit we had to introduce our own coin. Bravo Protocol offers anonymous transfers known as “incognito transfers”. We developed the Bravo Private Coin (BVO-P) through an algorithm that uses anonymizing technology to determine where funds have come from and where they are going. We start the process by converting the senders BVO to a BVO-P. We are then able to send the BVO-P anonymously to the receiver, after which the BVO-P is automatically converted to a BVO and placed in the receiver’s wallet.

Bravo has created an innovative hybrid blockchain technology that merges public and private blockchain. The public blockchain has foundations in the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus algorithm, while BRAVO’s private, Incognito blockchain is based on an anonymizing Proof-of-Stake algorithm. The integration of these two blockchain technologies has resulted in their seamless interoperation.

Any person seeking to benefit from our reliable services has to join our platform via the Bravo app and transact securely with our BVO coins.

How to become a consortium member and earn money

By becoming a member of the consortium, you will be among the merchants who contribute to keeping Bravo Blockchain running by providing computer resources through new or existing computing infrastructures. This allows you to retain a portion of the fees that have been processed by you.

Clients joining our platform can either be an individual, a company, a business, or an organization. For instance, if a business like a hotel group joins as a member, they can have their computers utilizing the power of Bravo computing at their Point-of-Sale (POS).

With our reliable payment systems, our members can freely make seamless transactions at the convenience of their mobile apps. Bravo’s technology in transactions is mandated with the vested interests of our client’s demands. Join our team and experience the power of seamless transactions that are secure and provide you with anonymity.

Our ICO is open to Non-U.S. persons only and other restrictions apply — see disclaimer:

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