Hello BRAVO Community!

September is quickly moving along and we would like to thank you for your unconditional support as we continue our journey of financial empowerment and global expansion. This newsletter is focused on our technical whitepaper release, our Private Sale roadshow and our three new advisors who have joined the BRAVO family.


The Private sale has started to gain momentum and we want to take the opportunity to release our newly designed, technical whitepaper this week which will be made available officially at Consensus in Singapore.


A few of the BRAVO core members and advisors have hit the road during our Private Sale for the BRAVO Private Roadshow where we’ll be joining blockchain investors and enthusiasts with our first stop in Singapore for Consensus. Thereafter, we’re off the Agora International Crypto Currencies Investment Congress in Dubai and then our final stop will be in Australia at the beginning of October. Due to adding new regions to the Private Sale global roadshow, the crowdsale has been slightly pushed back but once again we’ll make sure you’re updated and aware of our confirmed dates. We’ll send you updates after every conference and be sure to please drop us a message if you are interested in joining us along the road.


In our previous community newsletter, we updated you on our advisors and their background. This week, we have had the privilege of adding three new advisors to our BRAVO advisory board. So without any further hesitation, we’d like to introduce you to:

Miikka Saloseutu

Miikka is a strategic marketing advisor he is also an ICO Bench ranked advisor. He is a founder of and websites. He is an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry with many challenging projects relating to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), venture capital investments, angel investments, E-commerce Optimization, Sales, Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Currencies and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. He has his own internet marketing company Triplex Trading OU, which specialized in highly targeted SEO based affiliate marketing in the financial space and has grown exponentially in a last few years.

Early Boykins III

Early is an ICO investor, advisor, mentor in the blockchain space. He has 6 years of cryptocurrency experience; participating in the first ICO — Omni (formerly Mastercoin) in 2013.

He is a Director at Andra Capital — a “tokenized” technology growth fund focused on late-stage investments, specifically in the Silicon Valley private technology sector. His role is guiding the ICO process for the tokenization of the fund and oversight of future investment in the blockchain space. Early advises other institutional funds, ICO projects, & security token exchanges.

Manpreet Singh

All aspects of merchant services and global payment processing. The focus is on strategy, innovation, executive leadership, operational efficiency, partner relationship building, and general management. Extensive corporate finance and accounting experience in payments, including compliance, reporting, management, and training. Strong experience in thought-leading payments innovations, financial technology, startups, and high-growth companies. Specializing in global e-commerce, multi-currency payment processing, managed-risk payment processing, SEC reporting, start-ups, international trading, and commodities.

Thank you all again for choosing to be a part of our movement, a part of something bigger that will change the lives of potentially billions of individuals around the globe through community and financial freedom. We believe the next few months are going to be a major success and the developments thereafter to achieve our blockchain integration will be the beginning of something very special. Stay tuned for more!

- Thank you, Maria Luna
CEO & Founder of BRAVO Pay

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