Building BRAVO’s Blockchain: Meet Steven Cornejo

Aug 31, 2018 · 3 min read
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Steven Cornejo is a Product Manager with over 12 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to life and has been working with BRAVO Pay co-founders Maria del Carmen Luna and Dr. Hector Rodriguez-Luna since 2016.

Steven Cornejo is a key part of the team that’s evolving the BRAVO Pay application to be compatible with digital currencies while integrating blockchain technology in order to reduce costs and increase speed on the network.

When Steven is not developing tech startups, he’s either performing as a musician with his band, OddHeart, or is working with other artists to grow their brands as the Creative Director of Killscape Studios. Being a musician and business owner gives Steven a unique perspective to understand how important it is to have a simple, secure and instant mobile payment method for both business clients and fans looking to support his band.

As a small business owner Cornejo has experienced how corporate clients can sometimes take weeks to process payments through their financial departments. As a musician, he knows how it feels when someone wants to support your band but they have no cash and you have no means of accepting digital payments.

That’s where BRAVO Pay helps, as a simple peer-to-peer payment app powered by blockchain, it makes it really easy for clients and fans to support him.

BRAVO Pay was specifically designed for business owners and musicians like Cornejo who need a mobile payment solution that allows anyone to pay him using only their phone. The app can be used by anyone to pay users no matter where they are, and you don’t need to exchange any personal details when making the payment.

Modern consumers are also moving toward mobile payment apps over traditional methods with ease-of-use and convenience being the major driving force.

BRAVO Pay was built with user experience at its core and has thousands of users making fiat transactions daily in the United States. The company is launching an ICO to fuel global expansion, and you can learn more here.

If you live in the United States, you can download the BRAVO Pay app for free from the Google Play or Apple App Store to try it out. Link your bank account to the BRAVO app in seconds and start making instant, secure and private payments to other users directly or to anyone nearby using your phone’s geolocation. Users outside of the United States will have access to an interactive demo soon with the full version launching in 2019.

Follow BRAVO on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram for regular updates.

To check out Steven’s talents beyond technology, you can check out his band OddHeart on Spotify, Bandcamp or YouTube. or Instagram.

BRAVO’s ICO is open to non-U.S. persons only and other restrictions apply — please see the disclaimer on BRAVO’s website here.

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