Community Update — 14th May 2019

May 15 · 3 min read

Hello BRΛVO family,

I trust you have all had a great start to May! It has been a rather entertaining couple weeks, having spent time at one of our partners’ events, which we will tell you more about shortly. But that is not all, there has been a major upgrade of the BRAVO mobile app for both IOS and Android. We hope you have been enjoying our recent content, we truly enjoy displaying pictures of the events we attend, as well as share stories of those who benefit by using our technology, financially empowering and including themselves in the digital economy.

The Fayuca Beer Festival Event

On May 4th, BRAVO had the pleasure of attending the Fayuca ‘May the 4th Be With Brew’ event down as Helio Basin Brewing. As expected, the music was of the highest standard, the beer on offer from their own brand ‘Fayuca Beer’ was phenomenal and the people we met had so many great stories to share. Attendees of the event used the BRAVO Tip or Pay mobile app to purchase tickets, and we even hosted our own VIP beer garden where attendees could meet, greet and mingle with the artists and the BRAVO team. This one of the many ways in which we empower brands and musicians!

New BRAVO Update

Our latest update was essential to experience new features with improved security, enhanced functionality overall and verification badges for approved BRAVO users. Contact for any questions about this update.

We will continue to update you, our community, as any potential technical upgrades or maintenance is required and we will clearly voice any downtime of the application that may we necessary, in advance of it happening.

Qosmic Qadence — A BRAVO Success Story

Many individuals that previously depended on cash for tips or payments have lost out with the migration toward a digital society. If you have been following us for the previous years, you would know that this is the core issue that gave birth to the idea of BRAVO — a safe space to tip or pay without exchanging personal information with strangers. Qosmic Qadence aka Q is another BRAVO success story which we are proud to share, and definitely not the last we will be writing about. Q was kind enough to share his story with us and we couldn’t be happier to share it with YOU, our community.

Click here to find out more about how he uses BRAVO for ticket and merchandise sales!

Thank you all again for choosing to be a part of our movement, a part of something bigger that will change the lives of potentially billions of individuals around the globe through community and financial inclusivity.

At BRAVO we are so proud of our purpose: To financially empower musicians, video streamers, service professionals and micro-merchants who depend on payments and gratuities while protecting their privacy”. Stay tuned for more and BRAVO to you!

Thank you, Maria Luna


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