EARNDROP ROUND 3 — Campaign Results

Hello BRAVO community!

We have come to the end of our Earndrop campaign and we have tallied up our 3rd round points. Once again, our BRAVO Pay team cannot thank you enough for your hard work and commitment to our Growth Engine campaign.

Congratulations to all members of BRAVO Pay’s ROUND 3 of the campaign. We had a total of 19,207 entries with the highest earning amassing a whopping 133,850 points!

  • Diamond level members will receive 10,000 BVO TOKENS — 100 winners
  • Gold level members will receive 510 BVO TOKENS — 1,959 winners
  • Silver level members will receive 323 BVO TOKENS — 3,092 winners
  • Bronze level members will receive 320 BVO TOKENS each — 3,124 winners

The third and final tier had 4,000,000 BVO Tokens to distribute evenly among the members of that tier. The top 100 members in the Diamond tier will each get 10,000 BVO Tokens!


Stay tuned for the next content submission competition in the coming weeks and stand a chance to win even more BVO tokens for participating. Go ahead and start brainstorming some winning ideas of how your winning BRAVO meme, video or design. Good luck! PLEASE NOTE: Your tokens, as mentioned in the previous article, will only be distributed after the ICO to the respective wallet addresses. Please be patient with our bounty and community managers while we complete the process to ensure a smooth delivery of your tokens

Our PRIVATE SALE is open to Non-U.S. persons only and other restrictions apply — See disclaimer on our website — www.bravoprotocol.