Music to the ears: Madonna’s long-time guitarist strums up his tips with the BRAVO Pay App

Sep 18, 2018 · 3 min read
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Imagine for one second, you are a world-famous musician or even a guitarist who plays for a world-famous celebrity like Madonna.

With that in mind, your loving fans would do anything to shower your rocking performance with a token of their appreciation. The problem is, they do not have masses of cash. Even if they did, it is highly unlikely that these flitting pieces of paper would float your way. Let’s not even consider coins. Not only would it be a pittance of your worth, hailing coins would be somewhat painful for both you and the crowd alike. So, tipping the stage is not an option.

What about after the performance? Yes, fans could potentially offer you cash after your performance. However, with barely four minutes to travel from the stage to the next gig, as well as an adoring public to manage, it would be near impossible for them to reach you in time.

So, does this mean that musicians are left high and dry when it comes to tipping? Well, this may not be the case.

Enter BRAVO Pay — tipping made easy:

You’ll be happy to know that BRAVO Pay is the perfect solution to this tipping problem. A user-friendly digital payment platform, the Bravo system is designed to make tipping easy for both the musician and the devoted fans.

Madonna’s long-time guitarist is a massive BRAVO Pay fan:

Monte Pittman, Madonna’s long-time guitarist, is a major advocate for the App, which he discovered while performing for the Ultimate Jam night at the Whiskey A Go Go. Using the BRAVO Pay App for multiple financial functions, Pittman asserts that it’s “something that could change every musician’s life”.

Not only does he receive payment for his guitar lessons through the Bravo app, he also uses the app to sell tickets to his shows, accepts tips and to manage the profits from all merchandise sold at his shows.

So, why do you need to give BRAVO Pay a go?

A system that can be used in any performing or service industry, the bravo App is, as asserted by Pitman, “like having a tipping jar on someone’s phone”, offering instant and secure payments to assist and empower both performing artists and service professionals. Rest assured you will not miss out on tips or payments when a customer does not have cash.

As a micropayment platform, its functionality is built on simplicity, security and secrecy. With just a touch of the finger, fans and customers alike can easily tip performing artists and service professionals, with no personal information required. It’s as simple as that.

Using BRAVO pay, the man who taught Madonna to play, has certainly played something worth hearing. As a musician, you can easily access your well-deserved payments using the Bravo Pay App. For the love of a great performance or excellent service, fans and customers can sing along and give performers and service professionals a generous tip.

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