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Oct 12, 2018 · 4 min read
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As many of you know we have been in the Private Phase for the late part of Q3 leading into Q4 of this year and it has been an exciting and rewarding journey.

At BRAVO, we like to do things differently. We started hands-on with our community.

We launched our FIAT app in 2014 into a test market to prove the concept and need of the fact that individuals are increasingly demanding to take control of their finances and want to choose their own level of privacy and data transparency in transactions. This concept is not a tough one to grasp, as the market solutions for payments and blockchain protocols were few and far between that actually had the technology to fulfil the market’s needs of a simple user experience for secure payments with privacy.

BRAVO’s idea was a seamless micropayment solution with seamless user-centric experience powered by blockchain technology.

The BRAVO Pay app launched publicly as MVP at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco where it won the Audience Choice Award in 2015. Winning an award given by the audience further assured us that this product would be well accepted by the market looking for a true solution.

BRAVO Pay continued organic growth as app-downloads skyrocketed to the tens of thousands which initiated a movement of financial empowerment and privacy in payments with a large community of active users. Our current fiat app’s features and value proposition of privacy allowed us to grow in the test markets against other globally recognized payment solutions through 2016 and 2017. BRAVO pay app allowed us to bring a successful proof of concept to the blockchain market with a tried and tested product all around the United States which is ready to scale.

After a successful proof of concept and ongoing traction, our team progressed into developing our Blockchain platform with unique features that conform to and fulfil the needs of our community of users. Our hybrid Blockchain technology further enhances the current features of our application, support Inter-app cryptocurrency payments and brings a stronger solution tailored for the mass market.

BRAVO pay dApp built the end-user community with tens of thousands of active users and validated our blockchain protocol, the BRAVO Hybrid Consensus Protocol (BHCP), which we built from the ground up by integrating several technologies into a single blockchain and will be host to other blockchain-integrated applications of the future, starting by an improved BRAVO Pay app with full blockchain integration for inter App BVO crypto payments. We are now introducing the BHCP as we look into supporting the growth of our developer community.

-Blockchain Release:

As we continue the ICO and approach the Public Crowd Sale, we have created a brand new website with a suite of new assets with the focus on our Blockchain technology. We believe the bravoprotocol.com website is an accurate display of what we are building and how we compete in the market against other blockchain payments-focused protocols. The new website has a full competitor analysis, a new technical whitepaper, and project summary and if requested, for the right partner and investors, we have created a private page for the Private Sale. This page includes a series of company assets shown on our recent global roadshow.

We staged the blockchain protocol release until now to be debuted during our roadshow. Much of the feedback we received has allowed us to make the final tweaks before going live into our global community and the public.

The new website includes all of our current social media and YouTube ambassadors which we will continually expand as time progresses towards the Public Main Sale and beyond.

As BRAVO Pay’s blockchain community member, you have first opportunity to view all of the technical assets, the technical roadmap, a full display of the tokenomics and lockups for the ICO and the protocol features which you can expect in the coming months.

We hope you appreciate our careful execution and enjoy what we have created. Our co-team is always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the protocol or aspects surrounding the ICO.

We truly believe our project has the potential to provide financial freedom and empowerment to individuals across the globe. Thank you for the unconditional support throughout this journey and we look forward to continuing growing together.


The BRAVO Team

None of the information contained herein constitutes an offer of, or an invitation to purchase, any security, nor any investment advice or services. These materials are provided for information purposes only.

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