A short ‘Hello’, after my New York trip in March 2017

Time is running and now, after 2 weeks my New York trip came to an end, but I will be back, my friends for sure :-). There is now enough material and pics for your inspiration for the next month in my mind and I also made a new personal website: www.thomaszahlten.com for personal introduction.

After my 33 month at Talentor International, now a new era was ushered and we will see, where it will lead to the next month. So give me call for a cup of coffee.

I really enjoyed “the city, that never sleeps”, took a lot of pictures in Brooklyn & Manhatten, you will get sliced the next weeks combined with blog posts.

I had good, inspirational meetings…and this is what I am since years:

An international connector, border-less thinker and global actor. Vienna is nice to live, but the playground is the world, especially the US, Russia, Europe and Asia.

So, check out my blog-posts and websites and thank you for your attention even if there was less content today but much marketing in this article. :-p

You also can follow me on INSTAGRAM, if you like…, because I am not on Facebook.

Pics by Thomas Zahlten, 2017

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