I’m not a health nut but…

“Common Sense for the Common Girl”

💎 Common Sense for the Common Girl

They say when you know better you do better, right? Here’s why I switched to 100% cotton tampons.

I’m no health nut, nor do I profess to be but if I’m going to watch what I eat I think it would be equally as important to consider what I expose myself to in my lady parts ☺️.

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate feminine hygiene products for SAFETY?! Um, yeah major red flag 😥.

💎Here’s 6 TOXIC ingredients that are found in traditional tampons/sanitary napkins:

1.Rayon — Increases the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

2.Dioxin — a chemical resulting from Chlorine processing 😡

3. Non Organic Cotton — exposed to pesticides 😟

4. Fragrance — 🙃

5. Chlorine — no thank you!

6. BPA — hormone disruption linked to CANCER 😱

The L brand can be found at Target and boasts a product that is 100% organic cotton.