• A trip to Seoul is always refreshing- for the soul, for the wardrobe and beautiful cabinet, for the tummy. However, the city can get a little bustling and crazy, so much so that is overwhelming.
Day 1 Busan
Busan, This is South Korea’s second city, sitting on the southeastern edge of the country’s main island. It’s the perfect mix of Seoul’s dynamic and vibrant city vibe and Jeju’s relaxing atmosphere and gorgeous subtropical landscapes.
Jagalchi Market
The Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장) is Korea’s largest seafood market. The first place we headed to in Busan was the Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장). It’s the largest seafood port in Korea and hence the right place to eat fresh fish and other seafood.
Look! Crabbie so HUGE
Seafood hotpot! You can choose any seafood add into the pot. Abalone, prawn and I have no idea why they suddenly put in live octopus! Tentacles squirming makes me felt SO GROSS! Poor Octopus :(
YASSSS Finally I get to try this! Drool*
Pardon for my hunger face.
First breakfast in Busan!
Gamcheon Village.
Day 2
For an artsy morning, head over to the Gamcheon Cultural Village. Have your fill of street art, museums, and markets, and enjoy the view in one of the overlooking cafés.
Taste like pudding. dessert anyone?
Chi-mark (Fried Chicken and Beer)
We ordered different flavours like (spicy seasoned sauce) chicken and (original flavour) chicken. It was pretty delicious! Love the combination of the radish, spicy chicken and beer!
Gom bae! (“Cheers” in Korean)

Day 3

We can’t manage to catch Morning train to Seoul, ended up reached Seoul around 11am. We take KTX from Busan to Seoul change SUBWAY to Gangbyeon station, exit 4 for Dong Seoul bus terminal to Hoenggye Inter-city Bus terminal.
All the buses don’t have number to show where is the destination. Even the ticket shows the platform gate number, but it wasn’t the right one. All I can do is follow the Korean character to confirm if it is going to the place I am heading to. After 1 hour searching I found it! I knew this bus will make a stop at 진부 Jinbu! And YASSS this was the correct bus. Oh Suddenly I felt I am a genius!
Beautiful sunset~
Pyeongchang Alpensia Resort
Alpensia Ski Resort.The host of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Amazing view from the hotel lobby. CHECK IN!
What a nice view from our room. So excited! I can’t wait to throw all my things to go down.
Korean Night Skiing
This is my second skiing Session. Here much cooler than Tokyo. Freezinggggggg
Good Morning! Love is in the air…
We only have 3 hours time for skiing. What a sunny day!

Day 4


By the time we settled down in our homestay, it was already 9pm. So we headed to Myeong Dong for some street food and window shopping before calling it a day.
Myeongdong Night Market


Myeongdong reminds me of Taiwan’s Ximending. Located in Jung-gu Seoul, Myeongdong is almost in the center of everything — A good spot to stay for a Korea first timer. I learned that it is also dubbed as the 9th most expensive shopping street in the world!
Egg buns!! Soo good!
Korean street food- Forget gloves and heat packs. All you need is Korean food to keep both your lips and tummy warm while you shop along the streets of Myeongdong.

Day 5

Shake Shack @ Gangnam

452 Gangnam-daero, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

An average price for the burger is between 6.9k-8.9k (S$10+) and it doesn’t come in a set with a drink nor fries. Those are separate orders!
After 45 mins waited, we have the burgers! We ordered the Shack Burger and Smoke Shack, cheeseburger, applewood smoked bacon and chopped cherry peppers. Burgers and the beef patty were great — however if only the buns were glazed instead of the usual gardenia kind of normal bun. Here’s featuring their signature crinkle cut fries! We chose the option Crispy fries slathered with cheese..hmmm I still prefer Macdonald’s fries. Heehee (signature milkshake (vanilla) and it was absolutely delicious! Very thick, creamy and the consistency of the milkshake was just RIGHT!
Oh if you don’t like sweet stuff like me, here serving WINE too. Can’t believe it fast food service wine as well. Lol
Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew)
Budae Jigae was rapidly popularized after the Korean War, where people had little to eat and protein was scarce. People made this stew from leftover spam(luncheon meat) and sausage from the army camp rations, then cooked it in traditional chili paste soup broth and thus the moniker for army stew came about. The soup is a delicious think broth with the taste of cheese and is a wonderful amalgamation of Korean and western influences.
Petite France
The place is unique, fun, and it forces you to “travel on a relaxed” pace because the ambiance is so relaxing that you just want to sit on one corner and sip a glass of wine with your special rose. The place is actually dedicated to Saint-Exupery, author of the French Novel, Le Petit Prince during 1943. Several K-Dramas were filmed in Petite France such as the “Secret Garden”, “Beethoven Virus”, “Personal Taste”, and Running Man. If you planning to go Nami island and might as well you can plan to come here for a visit before heading to Nami.
Day 6
Lunchie before heading to Nami island.
This is so YUMMY!!!!! Not-to-be-missed.

Everybody favorite

Then comes the best part — mix everything with metal chopsticks and a spoon. Let it set for about 5 minutes and voila! You get a bowl of very delicious mixed rice. We enjoyed digging onto those crispy rice crust forming at the bottom and at the side of the steel bowl.
Kimchi stew!
Ordered the Spicy Tofu stew which was superb! None of those I’ve tried in Singapore can beat this.

How to Get to Nami Island from Seoul

By Train

Travel by train to Gapyeong Station.
Walk or take a cab from the station to the ferry wharf.
At the wharf, buy tickets to the island, which costs ₩8,000 for foreigners.

By Bus

Reserve a bus seat by emailing or calling +82–2–753–1247. Roundtrip fare is ₩15,000.
Catch the shuttle bus in Insadong (near the West Gate of Tapgol Park) or Sungnyemun Square Bus Stop in front of Namdaemun Market. Bus leaves at 9:30am. This will take you to the wharf in Gapyeong.
Board the ferry to Nami Island. Entrance Fee: ₩8,000 for foreigners.
Nami Island ferry picks up passengers. In my personal opinion, however, one day is enough to experience most of what Nami Island has to offer. Hence, if your main destination is Seoul, you might want to visit Namiseom on a day trip.
Nami Island
Nami Island covers an area of 430,000 square meters. This half-moon shaped island in the middle of the Han River was an almost barren patch of land with only a handful of chestnut trees.
Still remember Winter Sonata?
Walking around Nami Island
Swing Cafe
Nice cafe I found in Nami Island.
Taste good? (Sweet potato) So CUTE
Back to Town.
We Challenge 100% spicy pork stew! My tummy screammmmmmmm
Korean BBQ restaurants can be found at almost every corner of Seoul and the pricing can differs a lot depending on the shop, as well as the type of Meat ordered.
Jajangmyeon, of course. Not too sure whether to categorize Korean Jajangmyeon under Chinese cuisine or Korean cuisine, as each calls for difference in taste, but at the same time shares some similarity. Maybe to say, Chinese jajangmyeon as the basic, blend in with Korean traditional ingredients for a twist of flavours.
I love Korean cafe.
O’Sulloc Tea House
The renowned green tea dessert at O’sulloc Tea House are not only refreshing but are light on the tastebuds and are not cloyingly sweet. Don’t forget to pack some jars of green tea milk spread home!
Koreans also love Line Characters, here’s a store dedicated to just Line merchandise.
The grapes have an incredibly sweet taste, and are bursting with flavor. Visually appealing with their tightly clustered black fruits. Though with seeds and having sour skins that you might will wish to remove before consuming, I really doesn’t mind the trouble for a taste of its strong Champagne-like scent and that sweet chewy bite. All I can say is “Heavenly good!”

Day 7

It’s a must in Seoul!
Tosokchon Samgyetang (토속촌 삼계탕)

Located near Gyeongbokgung Station, the route to Tosokchon is rather straight forward. Exit from Gyeongbokgung MRT station Exit 2.

Walk along the main road for about 200m. When you reach a cross junction, turn left and you should see Tosokchon. The restaurant was also frequented by late President Roh Moo-hyun. It produces their ingredients like Tojongdak (Korean chicken), 4-years ginseng, chest nut, jujube, garlics, ginger, adlay, perilla seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed, nuts, pine nut, black sesame, and etc.
Amazing combination of chicken, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables! Added pepper paste and pepper powder, Dakdoritang tastes deeper flavor! At Tosokchon Samgyetang, not only have Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), but also any other delicious menus! (45 mins is worth the waited)
Ehwah’s Women University

From Dongguk University station (aka Dongdae Ipgu-yeog 동대입구역)(orange line 3), we had to change at Euljiro 3(sam)-ga to the green line 2 which leads all the way to Ewha Womans University station (aka Edae yeog 이대역).

I love this part of the campus — an architecturally-created space. Photoboooooooomb!
Just can’t resist!
Lunch at 12pm. Everyone was having these for lunch. “入乡随俗” (do as the natives do) Lol
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace serves as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It’s located in the heart of Seoul. It also houses the National Palace Museum. The palace is really huge and there are also gardens inside. We didn’t manage to go in because we’ve late to be reach so all we can do is taking photographs at outside.


We’re here for new year eve countdown. All the places full house, only Italian cafe have table for us. We were so lucky isn’t it? Korea time zone is one hour ahead to Singapore. Funny that we celebrate two different time and two different version in a night.
Happy New year 2017 to all my friends!! Good year ahead…Our 8 days korea trip happy ending! So great meeting my besties in Seoul. WoooooohooOoOoOoOO
  • “Dear Reader, because of the language barrier in Korea, it was a challenge to get the exact names and addresses of all the places I ate at! I will try to pen down the directions best to my ability. Hopefully, it is sufficient and useful for you to navigate there!”
  • Stay tune. My next blog is on the way….
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