Teacher professional learning pedagogy needs to change too
Tom Barrett

TeachMeet sounds like a good start, but why does every ignore hands-on? A presentation short or long is still a presentation. When I propose to offer a hands-on workshop that included both pedagogy discussion and learning to actually use a new tool, few seem to understand the concept. At a recent Conf where I have presented in the past, one that has 100 or more presentations each year, no one had ever done hands-on until I proposed it. In fact I get turned down by most Conf because I now refuse to propose a session any other way. I’m not talking about a vendor workshop, but one by a very experienced teacher that actually uses and teaches instructional tech on his own campus. Such workshops are just not understood by most Conf organizers. Often they are the ones stuck accepting the same old presentation styles. But VoiceThread, SoftChalk, Camtasia to build micro-lectures, Audacity and even Socrative and Adobe Voice are very effective teaching tools for any discipline, and those and others are very teachable as Conf presentations. I advocate less talk and more hands-on!