Wow- offices or what is COWORKING?

The world’s first coworking opened in 2005 in San Francisco. A few months later another one appeared in London; in 2007, similar offices arrived in Berlin. Immediately, the number of coworking in the world began to grow — from 1130 in 2011 to 13800 in 2017. Over the same period, the number of coworking users has increased dramatically — those who use this service constantly have already exceeded one million, and according to forecasts of the research company Emergent Research, by 2020 there will be 3.8 million, and in 2022 there will be more than 5 million people. The more professions go into freelancing, the more interest appears in co-working.

In Europe, not standard work offices and cabinets are becoming more and more popular, but coworking — the mobile format of working space organization. Despite the fact that it is not always cheap — coworking becomes a haven for freelancers, representatives of creative professions, for small and medium-sized businesses. Experts have been seeing an increased demand for coworking in Europe for several years, during which their number has increased at least 10 times. Although coworkings are the most popular in million-plus cities, especially in capitals. In the meantime, the culture of renting offices is changing. More and more companies prefer the shared desk format, which does not assign a specific workplace to a specific employee. Thus, there may be 100 seats in a company for 300 people. This is done in order to optimize costs, processes and fully complies with the format of coworking.

The market for such workspaces in Europe is still at the growth stage and far from the maximum saturation. And experts predict increased competition, which will increase with the arrival of new players.

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