The meaning of meaningful relationships

Although we only dedicate one month a year to acknowledging the value of mentors, the significance of these individuals follows us throughout the year — throughout life even.

Mentors provide us insight, hope, confidence, lessons, and experience that connects us with success or at least allow us to see the path more clearly.

In light of #MentoringMonth, many of our students participated in Mass Mentoring Partnerhips’ annual Youth Mentoring Day at the State House in Boston. Our young people celebrated positive relationships with their teachers, peers and city/state leaders. Remarks at the event were provided by Governor Charlie Baker, Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli and Senator Linda Dorcena Forry.

(from left to right) student Tanaiah Sweet; student Daquan Beltre Jeffrey; BSA Facilitator Chris Thurston; student Nicole Oliveira

In honor of January coming to an end, we’d like to share some testimonials from our students about their mentors:

Senior basketball player at Madison Park, Atazhanna Furtado:

“The relationship I have with Ms. Wellington is a bond I have never had with a teacher. What teacher can you listen to rap music with, joke with, AND revise essays with? Besides her, I haven’t met one yet. I’m able to enjoy her company as well as get work done. She’s more like a friend; one that has already went through the college process. Who can help you get where you want to be… successfully.”

Senior soccer player at Boston International, Nassir Khelef:

“Through Mr. Yaovi and BSA I learned a lot about leadership, dedication and teamwork and I want to continue to work on those things. Those 3 things have helped me grow a lot in different aspects of my life and I hope to continue to grow my leadership skills, my dedication for my school work and working in teams with others.”

Senior basketball player at Fenway, Takora McIntyre:

“Every child should have someone to turn to. In fact, we all need to have someone to be able to talk to and guide us through life. Life can be rough, but having a person or friend to talk to can make it a bit easier. It is not rocket science that having a mentor makes the path to success a little bit clearer. A mentor can be anyone who takes part in trying to better your future. Whether you are on your way to college, or beginning High School a mentor is great to have.” [in reference to Ms. Leah Wagner, BSA Senior Facilitator]
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