Only One More?

I was lucky enough to go to the AFC championship game and at the gate I got this rally towel above. I took one because it is free, and lets be honest who doesn’t like anything free. As seen above the Patriots rally call for the playoffs has gone from “Do Your Job” to “One More.” This sucks, because the phrase “one more” to me is the last one.

A server asks you if you want another drink and when you want your last one you respond “one more.” Right before you grab that last potato chip, or when you are about to finish binge watching Netflix after five hours your next thought is “one more.” So I will ask, why only “one more?” Win or lose in Super Bowl 51 (don’t care for the dumb Roman Numerals) the Patriots should be favored to win it all next year again.

The AFC sucks, Chiefs have a QB and Coach who is too conservative, Raiders does not have the offensive power to match the Patriots, and Big Ben is contemplating retirement and their defense is atrocious. Instead of “one more” the Patriots should have come out with “another one.” Unless of course Tom Brady is just looking for “one more.”