Google’s most powerful asset! Hint: It’s not what you think it is !

There is no doubt that the Google’s magical wand is it’s most valuable asset, yes, even before their magnificent algorithms and wizardly talent.

In Google world, Google wands are made by mixing together Google parts. They start with coloring dye : the blue, the red, the orange, and green, then sprinkle in letters from the alphabet that represent all the keywords ever possible.

They have an aura catcher (like a dream catcher) that is like a basket ball hoop, over all of their door frames and entrances. This lets them catch the good vibes of their team and leaders, as they walk in and out, around and about , of course with their consent.

And every wand is matched in perfect harmony to a individual website that makes up Googles’ indexes. You may think it’s the algorithms doing all the work, but actually it’s the Google wands that direct them.

Now there has been some debate on whether Google wands are just a tech term for ‘programers fingers’, but I can assure you this is not the case, and that Google wands are real wands, just as real as a magicians is.

Though I suspect some of the magic from the Google wands rubs off in the programers’ hands, because there’s got to be some kind of explanation for all the amazing things they accomplish.

Some Google anthropologists believe the “l” in Google is really suppose to be a wand, but they didn’t want to brag and boost that they also have the algorithm for magic , ya know playing the role of fair market. That’s only speculation but there is a lot of hidden clues that support this theory.

Now you might think that a Google building is just a building and that’s it , but kid you not , they have underground caves under all of their buildings and they have tunnels that link them. And on the walls of those tunnels have times’ hieroglyphics, from all over the world. The hieroglyphics are about the only part of Google that Google didn’t invent.

It is said that Google wands are so magical , that they just shake their wand at a hieroglyphic and it starts dancing around in real time and that’s how they come up with the Google Doodles….they’ve literally got the secret wisdom of the ancients!

But with all this magical power at their fingertips, somehow they still manage to keep it a secret. How humble Google must be . But if you ever catch a stream of lights or vapors that smell really sweet coming from a Google building , it’s a good chance their making more wands , to match all the websites that keep on indexing.

Until next time … when you’re feeling in a funk, just say “abra cadabra Google Google Google Magic Enter Alt Shift “ , and you should perk right up , that’s the one of the lines of code Google uses in their magic.

~Gioia of the world