It’s all about the grind.

What does that mean? It’s a phrase that I hear thrown around a lot — one reason is likely because I say it a lot. The grind for me goes straight to the process. Everything has to be about the process. There are far too many ups and downs in the course of a life — heck in the course of day — to be totally consumed with results and outcomes. If the basis of my worth came from these outcomes, I’d be in big trouble. I fail and come up short a lot. A lot. In my relationships, in my career, in my faith, and pretty much every area of my life — I fail. And results say that a fail comes from being a failure. Results define you as a failure.

But the process is different. The process loves failing, losing, coming up short, and being told “no”. Every time you fail, it creates an opportunity to learn, grow, improve, and be better the next time. As much as it sucks in the moment, failing can be gold because of what it can help you reap in the future. Long term not short term. It sucks in the moment, but if you’re all in on the process then you keep on moving forward.

The grind puts the process on steroids. The grind is intentional, focused work and it’s usually not much fun. But it actually is fun. Because the growth, learning, and development are all escalated too. More work, more sweat, more tears equals more growth. So my daily goal is that any chance I get, I embrace the grind. I don’t want to pass up on the opportunity.

What does the grind mean to you? Would love to hear your thoughts 🤓☝🏼

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