Making the most of day in a Social sense

With a busy business life mostly I found myself trying to prioritize which media to use and when.

I decided long ago to give up on that nonsense since for it isn’t a good use of my time. What I did find though, is a routine that works for me. Certainly what works for me may not work for everyone. But I do encourage you to give my day a shot.

  1. Facebook. My Facebook page has always been dedicated to family, friends and close (or want to be close) business acquaintances. I usually don’t look to much at the news feed. But, I do review friend requests, birthday, anniversary type info notices. Certainly, folks that send me game requests don’t know me real well, fore I hate games….
  2. Twitter. (@bsteingraeber) Next I go to my Twitter account and again skip the news feed altogether. What I do love reading is all the mention and likes and usually find myself reviewing the profile of people who use mention or click like..I can not count the number of time a great connection comes out of doing that one thing. I try and make it a point when going to there profile, to like a post of theirs as well..
  3. Linkedin. (Burtsteingraeber) My Baby..Here I do find myself scanning the home screen for business gossip and breaking news etc. Then going to notifications to see who has a birthday, anniversary at there workplace etc. I again, take a few moments and personally send a brief note of congratulations. People WILL usually at least visit your profile and many send my a quick note back thanking me for the thought..
  4. Snapchat. (burt61) Although I don’t fit the demographic of “age” that this app claims. I do review who looked at my previous days activity. Snap chat is becoming a major player for many in the younger business climate. I will say however that as my audience here grows find i use and post to it more often. I don’t usually use it as a business tool but people like to see the more “human” personal side of my life.

Although the list above seems long, I can rifle through most of it in under 15 minutes. Certainly, several longer emails of follow up are required but I always enjoyed that aspect of my morning..