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Using social listing, the project raises funds to pay for the appearance of its coin or token on the new crypto exchange. In order for this launch to occur on the exchange, the development team brings its community to this crypto exchange — and begins raising funds for the project. If the required amount is collected on time — a new coin or token will be listed on this cryptocurrency exchange.

Adding cryptocurrency of the project to the listings of the best crypto exchanges is not just one of the stages of the project development roadmap. First of all, this is an opportunity for the team to show itself as experts, and for cryptocurrency investors, it’s the way to support a promising project that interested them. At the same time, not only a company, fund, or a large trader can act as an investor, but also absolutely any member of the community created around a particular coin or token.

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These are assets that are pegged to fiat currencies, in particular the US dollar. Such coins help users to insure against cryptocurrency volatility and play the role of a reliable medium of exchange. Stablecoins are an important part of DeFi that plays a key role in the modular ecosystem. According to CoinGecko, there are 19 stablecoins in public trade, of which the top 5 have a market capitalization of more than $ 5 billion. We propose to learn those stablecoins that are pegged to the main fiat world currency, namely the USD.

USDT — “Dollar Twin”

Tether (USDT) is pegged to $1 due to the full provision of reserves in the national currency: for each Tether token minted there is $1. Although Tether is the largest and most widely used dollar-denominated stablecoin with an average daily exchange turnover of about $ 30 billion as of January 2020, Tether’s reserves are held by financial institutions. …

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Everyone knows that the creator of the world’s first cryptocurrency calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, but the identity of this mysterious genius has not yet been disclosed. He wished to remain anonymous. The world does not even know whether it is one person or a whole team of experts. There are only rumors about this person.

The Most Expensive Pizza That Ever Existed

Once upon a time, when Bitcoin was still worth a penny, one developer from Hungary got hungry and turned to users of the Bitcoin forum to help him out and order him two pizzas. For the service, he promised to transfer 10 thousand BTC to the benefactor (at that time this amount was equivalent to 40 USD). A user from the UK responded to the request and received his honestly earned bitcoins. It was a significant successful deal concluded with the help of cryptocurrency, which then only its enthusiasts believed in. …

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