• Unlike Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin IRA investors can continue to keep their investment in bitcoins , beyond the investment term.
  • For investing in 11 real bitcoins for a period of 3-years at an initial rate of $750 per unit will only cost the investor $1238, upfront irrespective of the cryptocurrency’s appreciation during the investment term.
  • Unlike Bitcoin ETFs and investment funds, Bitcoin IRA offers an opportunity for individuals to invest in “real” Bitcoin at a much lower fee.
  • Bitcoin IRA differentiates itself from other bitcoin investment products in multiple ways.
  • As the deadline for IRA investment nears, Bitcoin IRA is offering innovative pricing for the benefit of investors.

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@BTCEliX: “#Bitcoin #IRA Opens Accounts Worth Over $2,000,000 in Under Five Months, Launches Innovative Pricing Model |” open tweet »

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