• Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent who was part of the investigation into the now-defunct dark website Silk Road — but who was subsequently prosecuted for stealing $800,000 in the online crypto-currency bitcoin from the site — has been arrested at his home in Laurel, Maryland, the day before he was scheduled to hand himself in to begin his prison sentence.
  • Along with an undercover agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Carl Force, Bridges was involved in the investigation into “Dread Pirate Roberts”, the mysterious figure behind Silk Road.
  • But the Force and Bridges affair was to prove a humiliating coda for the government, leading attorneys for Ulbricht to say that corruption “pervaded the investigation of Silk Road”.
  • Force, using the other aliases “French Maid” and “Death From Above”, used the knowledge gleaned during the investigation to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin from Ulbricht.
  • Force is currently serving a 6.5-year sentence, and Bridges is in custody and considered a flight risk, according to the government’s motion detailing his arrest, though the Department of Justice did not respond to several requests by the Guardian for more information.

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@HardingMark1960: “@wikileaks @msuiche Pretty sure a year some agents were caught stealing bitcoin as well. Which means they hacked ACs” open tweet »

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