An interview with @alextapscot on @huffpost: Inside the #blockchain revolution. #fintech
  • Just as the cloud hype panned out almost a decade ago (public, private, hybrid, PaaS, SaaS etc.), subsets of this technology with terms such as Hyperledger, The Ledger of Things and many more phrases are emerging.
  • As it happens, at the same time Don Tapscott (my co-author) was running a multi-million dollar research project investigating new ways of solving global problems using technology and one of the things he wanted to understand more was bitcoin as digital currency was full of intrigue.
  • To hack the bitcoin Blockchain would require an attacker to take over the whole network and rewrite the history of commerce in that Blockchain in a very short window across many computers — a very challenging task.
  • Furthermore I think there are lots of Blockchain use cases that do not require a full distributed permissionless network like Bitcoin and would be better served with something more “enterprise grade” Alex: “The best technologies are invisible.
  • Right now the governance network for Blockchain technology is nascent.

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