Microsoft marches further into #ethereum #blockchain as a Service with Cryplets and Enclaves
  • Militant attacks in France have hit tourism in the country since last year. “
  • Earlier this year the US agency took Apple to court — and sparked a worldwide privacy debate — as it fought to get the iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook unlocked.
  • A 26-page white paper has been released by Microsoft on Cryplet innovations, added Gray. “
  • Taking to the stage at DevCon2, Marley Gray, who heads the Ethereum BaaS on the Azure project, pointed out that he had to do some horrible things to get Microsoft to agree to sponsor it last year. “
  • House prices in London’s prime locations will fall by 9 percent this year and not grow again until 2019 as buyers, already hit by increased property taxes, wait to see the outcome of Brexit divorce talks, estate agents Savills said.

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@bitcoinagile: “Microsoft marches further into #ethereum #blockchain as a Service with Cryplets and Enclaves” open tweet »

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