• There are many music platforms on the internet but as Voise is using Ethereum blockchain technology, it makes Voise different from others.
  • The aim of Voise platform is to provide decentralized music streaming and downloading and to distributes 100% of the revenue to the artists.
  • Voise team has also released a new cryptocurrency it is a “Voisium” (VSM) very cool name.
  • If you want to join their crowdsale then you must know following rules To become successful of crowdsale Voise requires a minimum 1.2M tokens or 7500.
  • How to Earn Tokens With Voise Voise is giving free tokens, for those who is promote this new platform VOISE.

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@voiseit: “VOISE — New Decentralized music platform for independent artists THANKS kingoffaucet !” open tweet »