The Value Proposition of BTCMACROECON tokens

BTCMACROECON tokens (Symbol BME) haven’t long been on the market, but it’s been an interesting journey. From trying to create a cryptocurrency or a standard ERC-20 Ethereum based coin, without the ultimate set of tools to use the Ether.Camp Studio (IDE) or know how of the Solidity language, sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

BTCMACROECON tokens are the official cryptocurrency of, the hardest hitting cryptocurrency site in this space. Being a one man show and not an entire community, and not one wanting to wait for the next move, I decided to create some tokens and it was brought to my attention several coins that were owned by one person. The problem with this is the perception or reality that other’s have done the pump and dump scheme. Yet as one person that is just getting started in tokenization and did a giveaway, the goal is to still get them into circulation.

I created a silly beer drinking game, BTCMACROECON Drinking Game to get them into circulation.

One person made a good point there needs to be demand or value behind the code of the cryptocurrency. That makes sense. But what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

I agree that these tokens need to get into circulation and I have pondered how to give upwards of 75% of them away so me, myself, and I am not holding the majority, to avoid that conflict of interest or avoid the entire perception. I get that much. Makes sense. And to that affect, I would like to find 9 Super Governors from around the world that would take these coins, but with the stipulation that they go into a Multisig Wallet requiring 2/3 majority to sign off on dispursement to utilize as they see fit. The point being here, I have no intention of just giving out to 9 people and they run. That won’t happen. But if 9 people can work together with the next step and they can get 2/3 majority to sign off on the BTCMACROECONs, that’s a start. To this avail if anybody would like to be 1 of 9, please contact me at and let it be known that I need help with multisig as I have not done that aspect, though I have spent several hours studying it, I have never embraced it. Consider this a side project as I work towards valuation and circulation.

So this brings us to value. Someone asked me what value my token has as it has nothing exceptional in the code that came stock. My answer was there are 4,000 cryptocurrencies and greater than 90% of tokens or coins on exchanges are no better than BTCMACROECON. I said tell me one thing Litecoin has on BTCMACROECON and give me an example of where that coin’s value is. The answer was they were one of the first. That was a fair answer but it didn’t address anything special about Litecoin.

At least BTCMACROECON supports cryptocurrency. The site at always has. And again this is the official cryptocurrency of that site. So where is the value? I’ll give you the value proposition: Look at that silly beer drinking game. Go ahead, hit the “Squares” on the online board game. You will begin to see the value that BTCMACROECON has always brought. The utilitarian value is there in that it teaches people cryptocurrency rather than it just being a mystery. That’s better than 4,000 other cryptocurrencies combined. The educational value is inherent in the game itself, go on play the binge drinking game, if you can drink beer. And then realize the value is in the overall processes and the education behind these tokens. Go to the search on the site, type anything in there, begin to realize the plethora of instructional and you will begin to see the overall value added nature inherent on the official cryptocurrency of

Circulation will come, people can play quarters or they can play other drinking games this spring break or they can play the BTCMACROECON drinking game. At least they can learn about best practices, wallets, private key, how to send and receive, all of which are valuable lessons. Compare that to over 4,000 cryptocurrencies.

So if you are interested in being 1 of 9 to take distribution so you can come to consensus with 8 others (or if 2/3 can approve) you can work as a team or you can do as you determined with the signatures, and do what you see fit. Either way it gets them into circulation and gets them out of my control which helps avoid the perception of a single holder of the majority of coin. But to this extent, valuation must continue but these coins were created with a very low barrier to entry, at 1,000 BTCMACROECON to 1 Ether. They were designed to be for fun as well. But they were also created to further the message of alternative currencies, alternative medias, to fight the status quo at every step, to reward social media, to reward good comments, to engage others in tokenization and the humanities, to reward artists, musicians, and mixed martial arts. So if you can help in the overall mission, the goal of circulation, trading, and then working on valuation, it would be appreciated as this is the intent. Perhaps with 9 Super Governors, they can help in getting BTCMACROECON on more than 1 exchange thus far. It is currently trading under the symbol BME at EtherDelta (among some other trading pairs) but it is slow go initially and not any great demand.

Remember what I said about the overall valuation proposition. And again, compare that to 4,000 other cryptocurrencies.