These companies support known scammer Josh Garza and should be avoided.

Updated 05/22 at 10:20am EDT

The following is a list that will be updated often of the companies that are Josh Garza supporters. This list is compiled from advertisers on Josh Garza’s, companies that have supported him financially, companies that support him via partnerships or other promotions.

As companies drop support or backtrack on this support they will be removed from this list. Until they are removed DO NOT SUPPORT these sites with visits, bitcoins or any sort of use.

You are simply helping his legal defense fund, him perpetuate the scam longer or helping him hide assets via “partners” and “deals” that amount to nothing more than him hiding assets from federal authorities.

Josh Garza is a “person of interest” currently for FinCen, DHS, and other organizations. He is on the run and avoiding multiple attempts by federal authorities for questioning. He currently is hiding in Dubai.

(Garza Owned / “Management Agreement / Partnership”)

(Garza “Partnership”)

(Garza Owned)

(Garza “Partnership”)


(Via Advertisements on Multiple Garza Properties)


(Via Advertisements on Multiple Garza Properties)

Inside Bitcoins

(Via Partnership with Bitcoinist + Advertisements on Garza Properties)


(Garza supporter)


(Exchange offering support for PayCoin after being compensated)


(Accepted monetary compensation for support from Garza)

(Shilling for Garza. Refuses to accept evidence of scam)


Giving “exclusive” interviews to Bitcoinist. Garza property.

Cantor Fitzgerald

Letting Garza ride coat tails and having Stuart Fraser lie to WSJ to prop the scam up even more.

Interview with Garza owned property Bitcoinist.

Direct advertisement buy on Bitcoinist /

Gave interview with / Owned by Garza

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