What are Pixl Pets?

Pixl Pets? Eggs? What?

Wonder no more.

These are Genesis Pixl Pet eggs part of the ever growing Pixlverse. Be sure to check out The Pixlverse website & litepaper as this article will more focused on the Pixl Pets end of the project. Think Pokemon. A second chance at getting in at the start of something like Axie Infinity. Community interest is already apparent as all 15,000 eggs minted rather quickly through whitelist & public access. Hatching begins later this week on 2/17/22 when you’ll then be able to hatch your eggs to get a Pixl Pet matching the element of the egg. Or not. You’ll also have the choice of keeping your eggs in tact which is another option many community members have already been tossing around amongst each other. It could be like having a sealed season 1 booster pack for your favorite collectible card game.

What are the elements?

To start there will be four: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

The team has also teased 1 special Deity pet from each specific element egg that will be a dual element wielding Pixl Pet with what is to be assumed much better stats and abilities versus the regular pool. These will be highly sought after as there will only be 4 out of the 15,000 eggs in existence to start. The images above are just some of the Pixl Pets that are to come. There will be many more with a rarity system also teased to be revealed 48 hours after egg hatching begins.

Where can I get my own Pixl Pet eggs?

You’ll still be able to get some unhatched Genesis eggs here on OpenSea. The floor amongst the elements is about .32 per and fire demanding a little more with a fluctuating price over the last two weeks of .35 to .4.

What will I be able to do with my Pixl Pets?

Leveling, bonding, battling with other trainers, battling in big arena-type settings for prizes, questing, leasing, farming, and the one that the community seems most excited for, breeding are just some of the things the team over at The Pixlverse have been teasing you’ll be able to do with your newly hatched Pixl friends. The breeding aspect seems to be one of the most interesting things you’ll be able to do with your pets. There may only be a limited number now, but every pet moving forward will be bred from these Genesis pets, and there will be no breeding limits or restrictions on Genesis pets meaning they will be able to create new Pixl Pets forever. All pets bred from Genesis pets and down the line will have some type of disadvantage such as only being able to breed X amount of times.

Where can I find more information about The Pixlverse & Pixl Pets?



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