Dear Billboard, A.R.M.Y’s Favorite Member is OT 7

Dear Billboard,

I am writing this open letter to you to express my concern about the most recent BTS post you made. The post asked A.R.M.Y to vote for their “favorite” member among the BTS members.

Personally, I did not appreciate this post simply because I believe that we do not have this culture in our fandom. Instead, we have grown to learn to love One True 7 a.k.a OT7. Thus, it is either all or none.

I understand this must be confusing most especially if you’ve come across the term bias. However, it is important to understand that “bias” do not mean “favorite” in our fandom. At least, this is how I understand it. It simply refers to that one person you will root for in a given context at some point in time. And, it is 100% guaranteed that this bias will eventually change. For some, on a daily basis.

Let me break this down to you:

For instance, if there was only one Mario toy and I was asked to give it to one member, I would choose Jin. Why? It is not because I love him more than the others, but because I know he really loves Mario.

Similarly, if I was asked to choose one member who will visit an Eco park, I would choose Namjoon. And it is not because I love him more than the others, but because I know that he really enjoys visiting parks.

In both cases, I chose a bias. However, it does not mean that the bias is my only favorite. It just means that in that context, my best option was that one member.

Yes, there are people who have a constant bias. But, if you analyze their activity, they happen to support and equally love all members.

So Why Not Consider Bias in this Post’s Context?

Your post is gathering data. It puts A.R.M.Y in an extreme situation where they have to choose only one member. While we, A.R.M.Y, might understand what the data outcome represent, other’s might not perceive it in the same manner.

Our fear is that, using the data, the audience of your post might arrive to the conclusion that one member is appreciated more than the others. Or, one member is more talented than the others which is NOT true.

Hence, please do not ask A.R.M.Y questions like “who is your favorite member?” or “which BTS member is more talented?” and kindly delete that poll.

One thing that we really work hard for is to make sure that our boys are equally loved, supported and appreciated. And it is a culture we would love new A.R.M.Y to pick. Therefore, do not disrupt this culture with posts like the one mentioned above.

Finally, while I might be a little bit upset, I cannot go without expressing my gratitude to you. I have watched and read all Billboard BTS-related articles. Thank you for your efforts. In addition, thank you very much for treating them well during interviews.


A Random Concerned A.R.M.Y