Operation Feed 5k

In Matthew Chapter 14, verse 13 to verse 21, there is a passage that tells the story of the miracle that was performed by Jesus of Nazareth. As a result of this famous miracle, five thousand people were fed as they were gathered to hear Jesus’ word. Like the other miracles in the bible, each one holds a divine message. Jesus was able to influence masses of people with a simple message, “God will provide”.

For those who may not be aware, Hookipa is a word of Hawaiian which means Hospitality. When I began working with Hookipa Technologies, I realized that there were a number of things that this start up could be. The challenge was determining how to define it. I wanted to identify my self and this company with the global effort and continual to ending world hunger.

Jesus realized that he was limited in his ability to distribute his work beyond Israel and the rest of the middle east during the occupation of the Roman Empire. So he commanded to his disciples to carry on his work and teachings throughout the rest of the world for the generations to come.

In this generation, we’ve been blessed with an unlimited amount of resources, and yet where are the miracles today?

Why not utilize all the tools we have in our time to provide a way for people to share their gift of hospitality, earn income, and unite their communities and feed those who are less fortunate around the world.

Hookipa’s goal is to reach 5000 users and partner with any non profit whose mission is deeply rooted in the movement to eradicate poverty in all corners of the globe.

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