Uncommon Quotes to Drive Purpose

by Bulldog Drummond

Every action we take and every conversation we have matter. In fact, everything we do matters.

Designing our decisions and our actions more meaningfully creates opportunities to inspire, create confidence and realize that anything is possible — no matter the prevailing conditions. This shift can have a profound effect on our lives, in both the day-to-day and across the long term.

Whether you lead a team, run a large company or you’re an entrepreneur deep in the trenches, there’s an opportunity to carefully look at how you operate and the reason for doing what you do every day (both at work and at play). Make sure you are clear on your guiding principles and what you value. Then step back and look at how you operate within all of your relationships, whether it’s with family, partners, employees, customers or suppliers. And then take a look at the impact you have on your community and on the planet. When we act with purpose, we operate at a higher level of effectiveness and overall satisfaction. We believe that each day can be the best day possible when the right attitude is applied, so here are a few quotes that we hope will inspire acting purposefully.

Originally posted on the Bulldog Drummond blog.