BURRRD Lottery

A Modern Approach to Lottery Mechanics

3 min readFeb 2, 2024

In the realm of innovative entertainment, the BURRRD Lottery introduces a distinct concept, redefining traditional lottery experiences. Diverging from conventional chance-based games that hinge on randomly chosen numbers, the BURRRD Lottery offers a unique and strategic twist, providing participants with an opportunity to optimize their chances of winning.

Ticket Acquisition with Cryptocurrency

Participation in the BURRRD Lottery mandates users to acquire tickets through their preferred cryptocurrencies, such as $MYRO, $BONK, and $WIF, providing a convenient and versatile option for a diverse audience.

Automatic Buy Back and Burn Fee Mechanism

An additional feature of the BURRRD Lottery involves a fee mechanism for automatic Buy Back and Burn. This establishes a sustainable model, utilizing a portion of the proceeds to repurchase tokens and subsequently retire them. This approach promotes scarcity and bolsters the value of BURRRD Tokens. Here is the detailed 15% fee structure:

  • 10% goes to the burrrd.sol of the total prize.
  • 5% is allocated for the Burn of the total prize.

Note: the fees are subject to modification, and our objective is to engage the community in the decision-making process regarding these adjustments.

Jackpot in BURRRD Tokens

The pinnacle reward in the BURRRD Lottery is the jackpot, distributed in BURRRD Tokens. This modern approach to rewards aligns the lottery with the evolving landscape of digital assets, departing from traditional cash-based winnings.

Reward Vesting

To mitigate price fluctuations and potential token dumps, the jackpot amount undergoes vesting. The smart contract initiates a new vesting process on https://app.streamflow.finance/ upon the winner’s claim. The vested amount is systematically released on a daily basis, providing a controlled distribution to the winner’s wallet.

Ticket Quantity, Winning Probabilities, and Special Recognitions

In an effort to enhance the BURRRD Lottery experience, participants are incentivized for purchasing more tickets. The principle is straightforward — the greater the number of tickets acquired, the higher the probability of winning. This not only introduces an element of excitement but also fosters active engagement within the BURRRD community.

Winner Announcement Process

Each ticket purchase is assigned a unique ticket code, with the winner determined through a fully on-chain procedure. At the end of each lottery, the smart contract randomly selects a ticket code, designating the winner. This approach utilizes battle-tested on-chain logic, aligning with industry standards as seen in projects like Metaplex.

As a nod to the Solana ecosystem, the inaugural winner of the BURRRD Lottery will receive a Solana Mobile Chapter 2. This exclusive recognition of the Solana ecosystem underscores the lottery’s commitment to engaging and promoting emerging technologies and platforms.

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