BW Exchange Promotion: The Sugar Bowl

From time to time, the team deploys exciting promotions to help give our beloved traders a boost of morale and encourage them to invite their friends and colleagues to our service. As of this month, we launched the Sugar Bowl and will be giving away a ton of free BTC and other tokens everyday! We also plan to have many other exciting promotions in the future so make sure to not only take advantage of the Sugar Bowl but also stay tuned for more exciting events to come.

The Sugar Bowl Rules

The rules of the Sugar Bowl can be found in full online on the Sugar Bowl homepage. In summary, though, every 2 hours users can claim their share of sugar and get access to part of the giveaway token for that day. Currently, the platform is giving away 1 BTC and plans to give away many more digital assets in the future.

Another exciting part of the Sugar Bowl rules includes the referral program where users can invite others to join in the benefits of the service offering. Once successfully registered, users then get bonus sugar to add to their BW wallets simply by sending over referrals from their personal network to join the promotion.

Future Promotions

As works to become a global brand, the team has prepared a variety of different promotions to be launched in upcoming months. In the past, we have seen exciting giveaways and token offerings come through and this trend will continue into the future.

We thank our fans, customers, and users who have joined along in the movement for a more open source financial world.

Join the Sugar Bowl today online at

Exchange BW (BW Exchange)

Written by World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool ,280, 000 miners worldwide, 600000 600000 crypto currency investors.

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