Why should Monte Vista be your next vacation spot?

When you want to combine your vacation with some serious adventure goals, you should ideally visit Monte Vista. Located in Colorado, it is one of the finest mountain destinations, with interesting scenic views and magical sceneries. Right from sports to sightseeing, this place has some of the best names in the list.

Let us take you through things to do in Monte Vista, which makes it the next destination for your vacation.

Museums & more

When in Monte Vista, start your journey by visiting the museums in and around Monte Vista. There is one that’s called Monte Vista historical museum, and you will find a brief overview of the city and its history. You can visit the Homelake Veteran’s history museum, which offers another historical purview. If you love history, and want to know more about the city, this is your place to be. It would be a shame not to visit it, as they have some of the best monuments in place.

Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Colorado is known for the art and culture it carries. You simply cannot miss out on the beauty of art and dance that this city carries. If you are in Monte Vista, you should probably indulge yourself with a good dance show. It might just be the thing you should be attending.

When it comes to entertainment, there are quite a few theatres that broadcast live dramas and shows. You should probably pay a visit to them as well. Don’t miss out on the fun that the drive-in theatre brings along. You should probably visit the Best Western Movie Manor for the drive-in theatre and the shows they have on display. It will not only entertain you but also give you a lively experience.

The brewing company

There’s the San Luis brewing company which brews top-notch millers beer, which feels good and chilled on a normal day. You should visit this brewing company to see some amazing methods and techniques in place. The beer at the brewery tastes even better. Don’t miss out your chance on this visit.

Almosa National Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife person, missing out on this sanctuary visit would be a terrible mistake. You should probably make some time to visit the most beautiful and secure sanctuary.

Adventure sports

If you are an adventure sports lover, this is the place for you. Monte Vista hosts a wide range of adventure sports. Skiing tops the list of course, as it had the snow capped mountains that are specifically meant for skiing. Apart from this, you also have biking and hiking as sports that are regularly performed in this region.

There are a score of water sports popular in this region. You could probably try them out as well.

If you are planning to vacation in Monte Vista, the best time to do so is the month of March, when there are cranes and other migratory birds in Monte Vista as well. It is also a good time for all the sports you have listed out.