Free Under-the-Radar Social Media Tools That Boost Engagement

When it comes to social media, there are hundreds of different tools that will help you grow your following, get found, and build an audience. However, many of them cost quite a bit of money, and rightly so. I’ve discovered two under-the-radar tools that have been boosting engagement and growing my audience on Twitter quickly over the last month. One of my posts reached over 200,000+ people, increasing the reach by over 10,000%. Here’re how I did it and the two tools I use.

One of the most efficient ways to get your message and brand the exposure it needs is by utilizing an inbound marketing strategy.

According to HubSpot:

Inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience a 61% lower cost per lead.

Part of that plan involves content marketing — that is, writing articles, blog posts, podcasts, video series that answer the questions your ideal audience are searching for online.

So you decide on a topic, research it, come up with a unique angle and spend several hours composing and formatting the article. When you finish, it is truly a work of art. It answers a burning question that your ideal customers have, provided actionable steps to take, and even provides a content upgrade that goes into even further detail. Once you hit publish, the traffic will roll in, right?

Not So Fast

Have you thought about your distribution strategy? What about your promotion schedule? No? While developing valuable content is part of the equation, distribution and promotion is the other half. In fact, that is where many content marketers fall flat.

Why Distribution Matters

Distribution and syndication are what get your valuable content visible where your ideal audience hangs out online. Without distribution, your posts will fall on deaf ears. Don’t spend your time spinning your wheels to

Let’s change that starting today.


Under-the-Radar Social Media Tools That Boost Engagement


CoPromote is a network of creators dedicated to helping each other reach new and larger audiences for free.

CoPromote is a platform for creatives to share their work and get shared by others. I’ve dabbled with this platform for a couple of years but recently got more strategic with it. And the results have been very impressive.

How it Works

CoPromote is simple to use. Connect your social media accounts to your profile (Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook) and based on your follower count, you receive that many credits for sharing other people’s posts. You can retweet, share on Facebook or regram. You can even choose what categories you want to share. For my personal Twitter and Facebook pages, I share business and finance as that matches my audience and is the most interesting to me. There may be a few other categories that I also share, but the primary one is the business.

Then, using the mobile app, swipe left or right on the posts you want to share. With the free account, you are not able to schedule your posts so that they will happen all at once. I try to limit my sharing to 2–3 at a time, a few times throughout the day. It’s a little bit of manual labor but does not take much effort and provides your audience with new, curated content.

As you build up your credits, you can then boost a post of your own. Each boost lasts seven days. With the free account, the limit is one boost. With the paid options, you can increase this considerably. I recently promoted three different posts over the last 21 days or so. Each post has seen incredible growth, nearly doubling the reach and engagement each time. Here are the results:

Listing 2 Leasing Boosted Post

I was asked by a friend to interview and write an article on a new platform that simplifies transaction management for real estate agents and landlords. The article by itself did fairly well, being distributed throughout multiple networks as it continued to get shared. I then decided to boost it using CoPromote.

The difference between engagement from my audience and using CoPromote was a 450% increase.

The results were incredibly encouraging. I was able to get my friend’s new real estate platform out to over 92,000+ people who may need the platform that he had created. Check out Listing 2 Leasing if you are a real estate agent who needs a simple solution to transaction management.

How to Embrace Mobile Teammates

Seeing the amazing results from that boost with CoPromote, I decided to test it out on another piece of content. As a prolific writer, there is always content to test however it may not be received as well by the masses. CoPromote is one way to test this hypothesis.

I was recently researching the rise of mobile teammates and how it is affecting workplace culture. I was a mobile teammate for about a year. It was a painful at times, not because of working remotely, but because of the lack of the right technology infrastructure to create a positive working experience. (I’ve worked all over the world. The three things anyone needs to be successful is a cell phone, laptop, and company credit card, but that’s another post), but because of the lack of technology infrastructure needed to create a similar if not better experience for the user. With my passionately written and researched article, I boosted it on CoPromote. Here were the results:

This article was retweeted 21 times through CoPromote and increased reach from 1,952 to 163.6K, or by 8,380%.

While my organic audience (Twitter followers) did not retweet the article (shame on them!), it was retweeted 21 times through CoPromote, increasing by 2,100%. On top of that, while my audience had grown to 1,950+, I was able to reach 163.6K more people through CoPromote. Read the article on embracing mobile teammates.

With this success, I was even more excited to boost the third post. This time, I wrote an in-depth resource article on 19 website grader tools and the benefits of each.

19 Website Grader Tools to Maximize Performance

With this article, I wanted to use the skyscraper technique that Brian Dean has written. I researched several different articles on the topic, generating a large list of website grader tools. I then studied each to make sure that it was active, live and did what it said it did by entering my website information and taking screenshots of them to include in the article. While this was a tedious process, the result is a valuable piece of content that helps you analyze and assess your websites performance and user experience to understand better where to put your efforts next.

I boosted the article on CoPromote, and these are the results:


With this article, I received a couple of organic and 28 retweets through CoPromote, increasing engagement by 1,400%. I was able to increase my followers on Twitter to 2,010. Using CoPromote, I was then able to reach a large 204.7K people or an increase of 10,000+%.

If you compare the last promoted result with the first result, I doubled the reach, going from around 92,000 to over 200,000 new people. All this for free. Read the article on website grader tools and maximize your site’s performance.

CoPromote does have paid options that let you do more. Here are the available monthly subscription packages.

CoPromote offers three different subscription packages for even more cross-promoting

The second tool I use has a similar system to CoPromote as far as credits but also includes StumbleUpon in the mix. Viral Content Buzz is the creation of Ann Smarty of SEOSmarty and her business partner Gerald Weber.

How it Works

First Impressions

I stumbled upon (literally!) Viral Content Buzz just in the last week. I began using it by sharing others’ posts on Twitter, FaceBook, and StumbleUpon. My goal was to build up credits and to join in the community by helping others before asking anyone to share my posts. Each time you share, you can receive anywhere between 2 and ten credits. These are then stored in your account to use when you schedule your posts to be shared by others.

One of the best features of Viral Content Buzz is that fact that you can buffer the posts you want to share. There is a setting to change the frequency of your scheduled posts as well. I currently set it to every 30 minutes. I may adjust that to 60 or 90 minutes.

I was able to quickly grow my credits to the point where I had enough to schedule a post to share of my own. The site recommends you use a minimum of 30 credits for each item. Here is a screenshot of what planning your post looks like:

Viral Content Buzz’s sharing offers a straightforward and intuitive user interface.

Once you have scheduled an item to share, it goes into your projects tab. Here are the five projects that are live and running in my account currently:

The projects tab show the budget for the post, what is left, and what is scheduled to be shared by others.

Two of the posts I have cross promoted on CoPromote as well. We can take a look at the statistics of each of them to see how they are performing with Viral Content Buzz.

How to Embrace Mobile Teammates

You can access the project share statistics by clicking on the gear icon on the far right of the project. Then at the bottom of the new window, click on the statistics graph image. Below are the statistics for the post “How to Embrace Mobile Teammates.

The statistics for the Mobile Teammate post from Viral Content Buzz.

When someone shares a post of yours, you receive a notification in your Interactions tab. You can then click on the ‘Interact’ button and be redirected to Twitter, Facebook, or StumbleUpon to engage then and interact with the person who just shared your post. Many times if you follow them, they will follow you back. Here is what the interactions tab looks like:

The Interactions tab within the Viral Content Buzz members area.

19 Website Grader Tools to Maximize Performance

The other post that I also promoted through CoPromote is my resource article on website grader tools. Let’s take a look at the statistics for it so far:

Current statistics for the website grader tool support article from Viral Content Buzz.

Wrapping it Up

There you have it — two incredibly powerful social media tools that are flying under the radar. While it is still early for testing both platforms, both have provided increasingly better results, the more and more that you use them. Strategically, this is key to distributing your valuable content across the web.

Over to You

When you are planning out your distribution schedule, try adding these tools to your stack and let me know how you like them.

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