How to save time on real estate transaction management

I recently spoke with Justin Kling, CEO and founder of Listing 2 Leasing, an innovative platform that simplifies the real estate transaction management process plagued by real estate brokers, tenants, and landlords alike. Below is a summary of my conversation and the benefits of this newly launched platform.

Real estate agents are in a constant state of battle for time. Time spent searching for deals, touring homes with clients, hosting open houses, and processing tenants for rentals. One of the most cumbersome aspects and areas that pull time away from more profitable avenues is the transaction management system. Real estate transaction back-end systems are not something most agents care to think about, but instantly feel the pain when using existing systems out there to get tenants processed. It can be tedious, time-consuming, and most, unfortunately, a particularly painful experience for the clients.

Justin Kling holds a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He began his career in management consulting before becoming an entrepreneur. In 2004, Kling began a real estate company from the ground up and subsequently in 2014, merged with Coldwell Banker. His team was awarded the top rental team in the nation for 2014 and 2015 out of 43,000 Coldwell Banker brokers, including the President’s Club.

As a real estate agent himself, Kling is all too familiar with the amount of paperwork needed to complete the transaction management process between tenants, agents, and landlords. The back-and-forth, document scanning, signature requests, and constant updates can take an inordinate amount of time. He understands that the real estate transaction management process is broken.

When Kling began researching the problem, he noticed he was not alone. The problem existed for real estate agents at all levels across the country. From boutique firms to national companies, he discovered that agent has to work continuously through staggeringly high amounts of paperwork, spend time chasing down clients for signatures, and be on-call at all times by checking emails, all while trying to meet deadlines. Feeling frustrated himself, Kling set out to develop an innovative solution to the nagging problem that plagued his colleagues and peers.

From his research, the two most sought after features many real estate professionals desire in a transaction management service are collecting digital signatures and customizing deals to fit their client’s needs. Add in the easy-to-use factor along with a list of features set to match or beat most rivals — a new platform was born.

After a solid 18 months of development, Kling and his team recently launched their innovative platform, Listing 2 Leasing. The platform aims to simplify the rental leasing process by providing a platform for both parties to create a clear line of communication. The platform also features a light customer-relationship-management (CRM) to set follow-up reminders and set tasks.

The cloud-based solution is agent-centric, providing a platform for the agent, extending their brand and creating a seamless, simple process for their clients. The system declutters the transaction management process and eliminates nearly all of the paperwork used in the broken process. Some of the features included are:

  • Tenant Screening — online application, credit check, background checks, eviction notices, and the ability to upload other documents
  • eSign Technology — proprietary and UETA-compliant technology allows quick and enforceable document execution.
  • LogiDocs — deal information flows automatically from one document to the next, reducing redundant data entry
  • Task Management — clear communication with reminders, tasks, and notifications among parties for each transaction
  • Document Storage — securely organizes listing agreements, disclosures, leases, and receipts by deal
  • Bank level security
  • SSL/PCI-compliant transactions
  • plus a whole lot more

Two Features Set Listing 2 Leasing Apart from the Rest

With several players in the digital real estate transaction space emerging, one way Listing 2 Leasing is differentiating itself is through its proprietary LogiDocs: a smart document that will save agents a huge amount of time.

Listing 2 Leasing is an amazing platform, it saves my team lots of time and money!

Jeff Lee, Coldwell Banker

One of the features Justin mentioned in our conversation was smart documents. He explained how the platform is

intelligent enough to add all of the signatures and first fields into all of the documents — whether it is one tenant or five. The system uses LogiDocs to auto-populate the data into the necessary fields, potentially shaving hours off the process.

Beyond that, adding signatures to a contract or disclosure is as simple as dragging and dropping signature boxes.

…it helps me get the lease done the right way and quickly.

Zach Baiocchi, Berkshire Hathaway

Another area that Listing 2 Leasing separates itself from the competition is through its robust tenant screening online application. The flexibility of the platform allows for easy grouping of applicants and co-signers. The tenant screening features an easy online application with the following checks available to screen tenants:

  • credit check
  • national eviction check
  • background check

Realtors can post a listing specific application link into the MLS, agent remarks section and applications can be submitted through that link. The link can then be automatically turned off when tenants are selected or manually turned off at any time.

When combined with LogiDocs, the resident’s information will automatically be populated into the electronic lease along with their signatures and initials, making the process streamlined and above all else, simple.

Set up for Success

Kling and his team are well positioned to take on the competition with their innovative, easy to use transaction management platform. The platform has already seen early success, with real estate agents adapting it into their workflow. Joe Zimmerman of Keller Williams uses the platform to “offer a better customer experience for our new and existing clients.” Visit Listing 2 Leasing and sign up for your free account.

Originally published at on August 30, 2016.