On the Road Again: Road Warrior. World Traveler. Adventurer. Explorer.

Cities never sleep. People constanly on the go.

There is something quite exhilarating about the road. The people you encounter, the friends you make, the culture you experience. From a croc tour down under (Northern Territory of Australia), to snorkeling off the coast of a tiny country island (Yap Island), I’ve seen and experienced a lot. And I want more. It is an addicting feeling. The perks from miles and airline status are pretty awesome too! (Delta Platinum Medallion 3 years running)

Many of my travels have taken me outside of the United States. Yet, it is the US I’d like to explore more as well. The following scenarios have been all too familiar on my adventures.

Traveling alone through a desolate desert landscape, an unfamiliar radio host your only companion and connection to the outside world.

A layover through a small airport in a foreign land onto a final destination, only to be fully immersed into the country’s language. Not one word of the english language written or spoken.

A series of flights, each of varying length, a long drive through darkness until the hotel appears as if an oasis. 30 hours of travel time, less than 2 weeks on the ground, 30 hours of travel time back home….

Standing at a location at the Demilitarization Zone (DMZ) in the Republic of Korea, surrounded by North Korean snipers on three sides. It was incredibly eery, and yet exhilarating at the same time.

Constantly On the Go

There is something about constantly being on the go that is incredibly hard to describe. Maybe it is the adreline-fueled schedule, that if you were to stop and think about, would seem nearly impossible. Here is a typical one for me:

4 days in location X, 2 days of travel, 4 days at location Y, 2 days of travel back.

That schedule is awesome to me. Fast-paced, limited time, and a set of objectives to complete. Maybe its the adrenaline, or maybe I’m an intense traveler. Whatever it is, I love it.

There are many different professions that require nearly constant travel. The logistics, the planning, and the schedules are what fascinate me. Music artists, entertainers, athletes, speakers, consultants, trainers, even the President of the United States, are in a constant state of travel. All of the professions I mentioned all play an important part of my life and have shaped my experiences and love of travel.

Home Body to World Traveler

I didn’t use to travel constantly. In fact, I rarely went anywhere out of my home state, unless on vacation. And even then, it wasn’t world travel. When I was younger, I didn’t want to travel, but was definitely curious about it at a young age. Most of my thoughts were about some of the first explorers, the fact that they depended on the stars, depended on trust, and were confident they would find something out there, beyond themselves, beyond the “world” they knew.

I feel the entrepreneurial spirit can be thought of an extension of the explorer spirit. Both share many of the same characteristics. Both have confidence, persistence, and discipline. Both blaze their own trail, figuratively and realistically.

The World is Getting Smaller. World Travel is Becoming Normalized

It may be hard to believe, but I feel that we are beginning to see world travel becoming normalized. In that, consultants, professionals, and experts must travel to where the work is. And that is becoming anywhere in the world. As nations emerge from third and second world into first world, they experience growth in a multitude of ways. And so, consultants, professionals, and others must travel to those locations, in order to help them achieve their objectives.

Depending on the circles you socialize and work with, travel to far off places for projects has transformed into something that was special or elite, to being almost commonplace. It is amazing how many people make multiple trips from the East Coast of the US to the Middle East in one year. Or Los Angeles to Asia. Or Hawaii to Australia.

And then, there are the road warriors who travel up and down the east and west coasts, and across the great plains of the United States, making sales calls, consulting on projects of all types. I have a lot of respect for road warriors and globe trotters.

Travel Aids in a Growing Economy

For the traveler, not being home, they must spend in order to have the necessities of home life. Hotels, cars, restaurants, entertainment, airfare, it all adds up. Without constant travel, economies would suffer. They would lose the influx of travelers to their country, state, city, or town. Traveling helps to keep small businesses alive.

The largest the traveling population (think SXSW or Wrestlemania), the larger positive economic impact the host city will experience. Traveling enhances economies all over the world.

And so, I Travel.

I travel to explore. I travel to work. I travel to experience the world. Traveling is within me, exploring is a part of me.

I am Benjamin. World Traveler. Adventurer. Explorer.

Originally published at www.benjaminwarsinske.com.