The One Consistent Way to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is a fleeting feeling. We all have it, deep down. But how do you keep it at the surface consistently? It’s a battle that we all face. One that I face over and over. We all do. I know you do, too.

Confidence is when you feel proud of yourself, your beliefs, your strengths. You know what you can do really well, and you focus on that. You don’t let negativity, cynicism, or anything else distract you. More than being on a mission, you are confident in the direction your life is going. You are in control and are shaping it every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year. Having confidence in yourself to continue pushing towards your dreams is one of the most valuable attributes a person can have.

Anyone can acquire lots of money. Anyone can figure out a way to look like they have it all. But those are material things. Those are keeping up with the Kardashians (the new Jones’). Confidence should come from within. It should be deep in your soul. You should know inside and out that your choices are yours to make, and no one else’s.

Getting in a Rut

Confidence is like a current. It comes and goes. And because it comes and goes, it can be hard to hold on to it consistently. Everyone gets in a rut with confidence. Maybe you received poor feedback, lost a bid on a project, and got a flat tire. Those three things, though are all separate, are enough to take the confidence out of your sails. Don’t let it.

The One Way to Boost your Confidence

There is a way to boost your confidence. It takes courage, preparation, and belief in yourself. It works, I can tell you that. And it could be a big enough boost to get you where you want to go, to get to that next level.

What is it?

Step out of your comfort zone.

Yes, it’s that simple. And that hard, too. But doing so, breaks down walls and opens yourself up to new opportunities.

It could be applying for a different position and interviewing. During the process of preparing, you realize what you have accomplished and your confidence level rises. Then you interview and again, show your expertise, experience, and skills, boosting your confidence. You may not even get the job, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to boost your confidence.

Another way to boost your confidence could be as simple as writing a blog post or an article. Post it and watch the interaction begin. Be open to talking to everyone who comments, likes, or follows you. Realize that your voice is being heard around the world through this medium.

Speak to a group.

Volunteer for a board or committee.

Get involved in something new.

The more you step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself, the more you activate your mind and imagination. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to make a positive impact, make new friends, new business, new experiences. Those are all the byproduct of your main goal: to boost your confidence.

I encourage you to try it. Reply to this post. Reach out and say hi, connect with me. Let me know what other ways you boost your confidence. I would love to hear them!

Benjamin Warsinske is driven to help clients improve their business operations’ performance. He is the founder of and writes frequently for #Orbit on topics surrounding purpose, mission, story, design, culture, metrics, and platform. Follow him on Twitter @bwarsinske. Or connect with his brand on Twitter @brandedworldco.