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I typically put some distance between medium posts in order to focus on running my business (managing a Digital Asset Investment Fund). But given the current state of affairs, both domestically and abroad, I find myself compelled to share my thoughts more often amidst the chaos, fear and uncertainty I’m sure we’re all feeling right now. I thought it important to point out a few key variables to consider for those reading this.

How did we get here?

First, what got us here? Many things. I can write a War and Peace sized book on all the variables which got us to this point. Instead, I’ll just point out some of the factors at a high level which I believe have played a large role in shaping what is today’s macro economic environment (as of March 23, 2020). …

What’s the Deal with DeFi?

What if you could get a loan in minutes without the need for paperwork or bank approval? What if you could issue stock for your company without having to deal with expensive legal and banking fees? What if you could earn consistent interest on your assets instead of dealing with low or negative rates?

Enter: the new frontier of Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Finance (or DeFi) is a growing movement to recreate commonplace financial instruments, services, and products on top of decentralized infrastructure. But what does that mean?

More simply put, DeFi comprises a new class of blockchain-based service applications that leverage decentralized technologies, such as smart contracts and distributed protocols, to provide people with financial services (lending, borrowing, trading, etc.) that are quicker, cheaper, and more accessible than those from traditional finance. …

Insights From Within The Wild Ride Of Investing In Digital Assets

I’ve kept quiet with my head down over the past couple of years through the ups and downs (mostly downs….for now) of the cryptocurrency market as I purposely didn’t want to engage in the daily shenanigans that often take place in the crypto community. …


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Investing in digital assets and blockchain technology. Based in Denver, CO

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