5 Types of People You’ll Find in the Gym

There are very few settings on planet Earth that are capable of bringing out the worst in people more than your local gym, training facility, health club or fitness center. Here is the list of five obvious people that you’ll encounter at gym.

  1. The People’s Person

This person works out less, and socializes more. The sole purpose of this creature joining the gym is so that it can get to know new people. Stay away from it if you’re in the gym to work out.

2)The Confused Aunties

Whenever you, wherever you go, you can never escape the confused aunties.There is always at least one aunty working out, and she’ll be the most confused person you’ve ever seen. She won’t know what to do and will just walk around the gym.

3) The Own Body Admirer

This person is his own not so secret admirer.He admires his body more than working on it. He removes his T-shirt, looks into the mirror and falls in love with himself. Everyday. While the whole gym falls out of love with him.

4) The guy who thinks its a dating place

There’s almost always a guy who took membership in the gym JUST SO THAT he could “Pataofy” a girl, because gyms see a lot of girl population. He’d try his level best to talk to every girl who comes there and tries to get their number and all. Facepalms aren’t enough for this idiocy.

5) The Rare Sight

This person is seen once in a month, maybe. You see him/her once, then you don’t see the person for a good few weeks, you even think he/she is dead, but then they show up again, then don’t, for another month, and it goes on.

Credits: India Opines

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