In a departure from its previous macho man image, CrossFit has become a popular workout routine for women across various age groups.

CrossFit for Women

A Pune based Crossfitter Neetu Wadia, excitedly says that she has been doing crossfit for almost 4 years now and the variety of the routines makes it more exciting than any other workout regimes. She further exclaims that it is the adrenaline rush you feel after the workout gives you a sense of achievement, and that’s what is more exciting about crossfit. She further investigates by saying that it gives you a feeling of being a team, yet it’s like competing against yourself or a time or a score.

What’s the Objective

The idea of the routine is to build your body in a way that it doesn’t become complacent. While gyms focus on isolated training, CrossFit uses functional movements that exercise a varied number of muscles.

Busting myths

While most of the frantic Internet searches will throw up images of women CrossFitters with super strong bodies, you won’t end up looking like a weightlifter.

The Fit Fact:

CrossFit is especially beneficial for women as it builds their metabolic conditioning, along with endurance, stamina and strength.

The routine doesn’t bulk you up, but in fact leans you down. While there are widespread misconceptions about the routine building too much muscle for women, over the years, more female participants have warmed up to CrossFit. “About two years ago, women formed just 20% of the classes. That figure has now climbed to 35%,”

Care and caution:

Rest and restraint however, is as important as the workout itself.
While CrossFit is a great tool for exercising, it is imperative to know your limits and keep them in mind.

It is recommended starting a class with people at similar fitness levels as you, and stresses on the importance of stretching properly before and after the workout.

While the routine can be extended to children as young as seven years old, and adults as old as sixty-five, depending on vital stats, one must make sure the trainer is fully aware of all limitations as well as past medical history, in advance.

Step up
with CrossFit, you will feel stronger, more powerful and amazed everyday by how much you can push yourself if you are really motivated. From laying on the couch and bringing you will begin to wage your own wars. Even though it is against cellulite and not a fire-breathing dragon.

Bollywood’s doing it too!
46-year-old Bollywood stylist Niharika Bhasin Khan attributes her superwoman-like energy and powers to the routine: “Living in Mumbai and working in Bollywood is a constant challenge. Nowadays, when I’m in a tough spot at work or home, I think about the fact that I did 100 pull-ups in the morning and that makes me feel tough enough to take on the world!”

A fan of the workout for nearly two years, Bhasin Khan said that the variation in the routine is what initially had her hooked but the feeling of power is what made her stay.

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