The Cancer Crusader

Rujuta’s story serves as an inspiration to all of us, she fought cancer in a very young age and has defeated it. She is now living a normal life and pursuing her passion for Zumba by being a licensed Zumba instructor. We interviewed her to find out how she fought with cancer and her journey after.

Q1. At what age were you diagnosed with cancer and at what stage was it diagnosed?

Ans.: In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with APML, a type of cancer which usually affects children and it relapsed in 2004. But both of the times it was luckily diagnosed at an early stage and so it could be cured.

2. What\ who gave you strength and hope to fight cancer during your struggle?

Ans.: My family was my biggest support, especially my mother who is my role model. She not only remained extremely strong and composed during the entire treatment but also made sure that we all were positive about it. To add to it my extended family and friends were really helpful, supportive and were with us through the entire process. I was also lucky to be treated by some of the best doctors in the country. I guess when you realize there are so many out there for you, one will automatically get a strong desire to get out of the disease successfully and end up feeling extremely hopeful about everything.

3. What fitness advice do you have for women diagnosed with cancer?

Ans.: Well, if you want to live your life to the fullest, first enjoy it to the fullest, but for that, you first need to be fit. Being fit is being extremely careful about your diet, being prompt in doing the required physical examinations according to your age and of course and never give up on exercising. It not only keeps u to be fit, it also makes u feel mentally happy. I am saying this from my personal experience

4. Tell us how did Zumba come into your life?

Ans.: After I survived cancer successfully, it had affected me a lot, physically as well as emotionally. The entire chemotherapy process demanded of a sacrifice of my passion for table tennis and this made me feel demotivated and I developed low self-confidence. To stay fit I started with regular gyming but later I was bored with the monotonous exercise routine and was looking for something different when I came across an ad of Zumba classes. I had gone for a trial batch and I ended up enjoying the class. I immediately enrolled in the class and then there was no looking back. I further pursued my love for Zumba and became a licensed instructor. Being a shy low and confident girl I was a bit apprehensive to teach initially, but it helped me to build my confident and when more than half of the students enrolled for my class, I was ecstatic. I think I would say because of Zumba I fell in love with myself again. I would urge everyone out there to try it out once, and trust me, Zumba will change your life, just the way it changed mine.

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