An Open Letter to my Mormon Family and Friends
Mel Wells

Mel, will you remember when the govt tries to force churches to do things contrary to their beliefs? Bc churches preach hate, bc churches don’t agree with same sex marriages but we do believe that men and women are free to chose. Because we won’t condone same sex marriages being performed in our chapels or our temples. Not because we hate you but bc God has told us not to do that. But he has not told us to hate you, but to love all mankind. Will you remember when Mormons’ beliefs are under attack bc our beliefs are out of touch with others? Will you seek the middle ground as the Mormon Church has with LBGTQ community in Utah (

Because we will always stand with you, we may not agree, but we will not hate, we may not understand but we will always love.

BTW as morally repugnant as Donald Trump is to me, Hilary Clinton was even worse in my book, a career liar/politician who supported her husband’s habits of womanizing, who solicited her public to curry favors, wealth and graft.

I did not vote for either, but I will pray for the president elect just as I prayed for President Obama, though I did not vote for him.

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