2015. A Year In Conclusion.

This year started as the end product of much invested time, study, research and energy conducted in the previous year. The final result if you will, and transition period; to a more examined, worldly, yet indescribable compilation of events that molded my social experience this past year.

I have decided to start this new year, ironically enough, by reflecting upon the course of events that have set the stage of where I am now and where I hope to be in the upcoming year. While I am not the reminiscent type, I feel that it is healthy to reflect upon the progress that has been made, along with the natural course of events, whether social, political, economical that influenced my life in 2015.

What a time to be alive.

While much of my time was consumed by the continual disquiet of a seemingly endless sequence of meetings, classes, hotel rooms, and speakers; I found clarity in the often elusive sense of a final goal and the small emotional reward that soon vanishes with the hope of greater achievement. If I were to put my year in a singular term it would be either “perpetual” with a dash of “strife”. I began to value a sense of unprecedented productivity. Almost fearful of wasting a moment at the sense of “what if” and what I could approve upon. While I do admit the side affect of this was undoubtedly an unhealthy dose of anxiety, I began to see the world in a perspective unimaginable. Due to the habits I began to implement and the abilities I began to invest in, an investment in a emotional transition began to give physical yield. A more relevant and ongoing world soon became a lifestyle that seemed most appropriate for my often malcontent mood. This was further enhanced by the access to knowledge capital if you will, along with my ongoing undergraduate experience. The ceaseless will to obtain information, enhance perspective, create intelligent dialogue and obtain opportunity were held in my highest regard. It is significant to conclude that the emotional and ideological attitudes that shape of social integration, are continuously built upon. Not created. Not found. But rather the unprecedented will of those that hope to grow and further explore the complexities of this modern world.

I awoke to the sounds of the Adhan from a small mosque close to where I was staying. This new year for me began in Rabat, Morocco. Completing a significant journey in my life and the prelude of a global perspective that has become more relevant in my life along with the lives of billions more in an increasingly international village. A few days later I woke early in the morning to leave from Casablanca to Paris. A desolate, freshly paved highway in the darkness of the early morning became the emotional pages of a completed odyssey as I travel south of Rabat to the airport. While a sense of melancholy is inexorable, a transition in Paris made it less noticeable. The inordinate mixture of history and culture along with the modern infrastructure of a globalized world are noticeably inevitable. It was difficult to ignore my sense of elation while discussing global economics and Middle East politics with my Moroccan friend in Paris while speaking English. What a time to be alive.

It would naive to assume that my experience this past year was without turmoil or tribulation or that the course of events did not influence my own experience. Less than twelve hours of leaving Paris, the Charlie Hebdo attacks rattled the city. Globalization and current affairs will continuously shape the politics, policy, economics, and everyday life of individuals who never deemed it significant. Further cuts to education at my university system shifted the course of politics in my home state. The increasing consciousness of social justice and equality created precedent for greater dialogue on a national stage. The increasing presence of international politics and economics impact our lives dramatically almost daily. As an individual, self awareness can only be maintained by continuous consciousness of what is around me and the greater institutions, factors, and social cohesion that play a bigger role in our lives. It is significant to be aware of the greater course of events in my life this past year.

While we will be transitioning to a new year, it is critical to continuously reevaluate our own lives along with the objectives we seek, the ideologies we hold, and the lives we maintain. Just like any aspiration we have, we must reinforce this goal with relentless and determined action if we wish to influence the people and the world around us. We must reflect upon the past to understand how it implies our future and how we can improve. With the willingness to improve, we can create a more significant society that is more understanding and equal for all.

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